January 12, 2009

life is wonderful ! [12.29.08]

i know i say this A LOT but i love my life ! really.
btw .. Green Bay has BROKEN RECORDS .. there hasnt been this much SNOW or this COLD since 1887 ! welcome to wisconsin sister warner !
i didnt know what to expect or how to feel about this being my FIRST Christmas away from home BUT it was one of the BEST days on my mission !
being a missionary during this holiday season has been amazing. being able to share with people the true meaning of Christmas has been indescribable. peoples hearts have been more open and accepting of our converstations and invitations to learn more about Christ.
the highlight of my Christmas day DEF was talking to my family ! it was the BEST ! s.black called her family first in the morning and she was crying with joy .. i, of course, being the nicest companion was making fun of her for crying and then i get on the phone with MY family and the tears started flowing for me and then SHE was laughing at me ! haha what got me really crying like a baby was when my little sister omi got on the phone and said, in her sweet little voice, "hello my momo, i miss you." i hardly could contain my emotions ! it was the BEST day ever. hearing the voice of my marmie and sisters and my papa and my sarai .. oh it was amazing !
that day was also the BEST b.c. we went and visited SO MANY people .. we made over 200 sugar cookies with e. jolley & e. pulley to give to our investigators/formers/less actives while we caroled to them ! it was SO fun ! i love the GB area .. i love the people .. i love everything !
so much more happened this week but time is short today .. also i have come to the conclusion that running in the snow in -25degree weather REALLY is a BAD idea. i have def been paying for it since .. being sick is NOT good as a missionary ! i am taking medicine and LOTS of vitamin C ! haha
on saturday night there was a YSA activity @ the home of the Carlsruh .. we invited Corry .. she came and it was wonderful for her to be there .. we ALSO invited YASMIN .. the elders investigator that the sisters, us, were able to meet this week. she said she would come .. we were supposed to go to something with her and her mom earlier that eve but it didnt work out and yasmin was not with her mom so we asked her mom if we could "kidnap" her and take her to this activity and her mom said OKAY ! her mom said she was just at their house. so all 4 of us missionaries go to Yasmins house .. we ring and ring the door buzzer .. NO ANSWER .. we call and call like 500 times .. NO ANSWER .. we go sit in our cars and we were just thinking about what to do .. so we decide to wait a little bit longer .. then we decide to pray .. e. jolley gave one of the most humbling prayers .. we were not going to leave without Yasmin .. we all had faith that she would come .. we wait about 5 more mintues and then we call .. SHE ANSWERS !!! SHE WAS HOME !!! she came to the YSA activity and loved it ! THE LORD BLESSES US !
another experience that brought tears to my eyes this week was last night .. we have been volunteering for the Green Bay Botanical Gardens for the past month every weekend to help with the garden of lights .. they also have musical entertainment while people are walking inside the building .. SO of course we asked if we could be the musical entertainment one night .. last night we got about 10 missionaries, 6 YSA and our Corry to come sing carols for people ! while we were there we also just started singing songs out of the hymn book .. as we started singing "How Great Thou Art" we looked out into the crowd of onlookers and they were SINGING with US ! it was amazing .. it brought tears to our eyes .. everyone thanked us for the spirit they felt and we all thanked the Lord for the opprotunity we had received to give of ourselves.
my life is the best. seriously. more next week.
sister warner

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