January 12, 2009

bay area ! [10.06.08]

Each week in Wisconsin is full of new discoveries and enjoyable moments .. just like President Monson told us yesterday “find joy in the journey, now.” I am def seeing the joy in my journey as the Lord’s missionary here in beautiful Wisconsin !

-I was telling a UWGB student what a missionary was and what we do and she asked if I liked being a missionary and my reply was “I like talking about Jesus!”

-we had 3 dinner appointments back to back yesterday ! I thought I was about to die ! I could not eat anymore .. haha-also along with food EVERYONE makes us sloppy joes .. forget brauts being the staple of Wisconsin !

-there are 14 sisters in the whole mission .. crazy ! I will still be considered a “greenie” until the end of my 2nd transfer .. [I’m still in my 1st transfer .. btw]

-transfers are October 16th and we have 1 new sister coming out !-my beloved compy s’ hood goes home at the end of next transfer .. November 28th .. I’m sad ! I don’t know what I will do without her ! I hope to stay in Green Bay after she leaves but we will have to see what happens !
-we are going to the Chicago Temple October 11th ! I am so excited and cannot wait !

-I LOVE Wisconsinites ! they have funny names for things :

-stop & go = stoplight-bubbler = drinking fountain

-tyme machine = atm machine-there def is an accent in Wisconsin ! haha

-the fall is AMAZING .. they trees are gorgeous !-correction to last week : I have a digi point & shoot camera just not my photography cameras BUT the biggest set back is time .. I’m a missionary !

-my goal to milk a cow in Wisconsin WILL happen in the next couple weeks .. we found a part member family that works on a farm and we are gonna teach his wife !

-BIGGEST NEWS OF THIS WEEK : it is my beautiful twins sisters birthday on Friday October 10th .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVES !

This week I have reflected a lot on how i’ve taken the gospel of Jesus Christ for granted in my life .. the saints are strong in LA and def strong in provo and coming here to Wisconsin and serving in a small ward & a branch has made me realize how amazing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is. There are def strong saints her in Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay but there is so much work to be done ! I want to yell on top of every roof how amazing the gospel of Jesus Christ is and how it can change lives and that it really is the path to everlasting happiness !The world needs the truth and missionary work really is the lifeblood of the church .. every member a missionary .. we have something so amazing .. why keep it from our loved ones, friends, neighbors ??

The gospel truly is amazing and it continues to change my life for the better .. those who are among more of the saints remember how it is such a strength and blessing to be where you are and that even though there are many, there are still the few that are searching to find the truthfulness of the gospel .. those who are in areas with less saints remember how you are such a strength and blessing to your ward/branch and that you have an incredible opportunity to share the precious word of God all around you !

The work here in the Bay Areas is going forth, s’ hood & i are seeing to that !

I always feel so rejuvenated after General Conference, here are some things that stuck out to me !

-continue to pray for more missionary areas and temples

- simplify our lives

-faith is NOT only a feeling .. it is a decision .. “I don’t know everything but I know enough”

-faith overcomes fear, hope overcomes despair-remember to have prayers of gratitude

-everything Dallin H. Oaks said ! I saw him and heard him speak my first week @ the mtc !

-unity is the key for Zion .. it starts in our hearts, minds & homes-have Christian Courage ! see & use the chance to teach in opposition

-never underestimate the power in your righteous & virtuous living

-remember the now & our loved ones !

I love you all !

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