January 12, 2009

love from the green bay ! [10.21.08]

Sorry about the no pday yesterday .. we had MISSION TOUR yesterday !

Mission Tour is like Zone Conference expect a General Authority comes and speaks to us .. also usually the WHOLE mission gets together but b.c. the Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission has such a huge land mass only half the mission gets together one day and the other half gets together the next day ..

Yesterday was for the Green Bay, Appleton and Wausau Zones .. we has Elder Lance B. Wickman from the Quorum of the Seventy speak to us ! also I somehow got called as the CHOIRSTER for the meeting .. let me remind you I have NO musical abilities .. I stumbled through the beats and was usually off count but other then that all went well .. haha .. oh I love President Barrett !

When we went and shook Elder and Sister Wickman’s hands they asked me where I was from and [I already knew they were both raised in Glendale, California] I was excited to tell them I was raised in MONROVIA ! we had a good little chat about how great SoCal [nor*mex .. some would say !] was ! they thanked me for my being the chorister and I apologized for my lack of skills in that area ! haha it was a wonderful conference and left me with a renewed conviction of my divine calling as a representative of The Lord and His Son, Jesus Christ.

I am on my 2nd transfer and it is already starting out wonderfully .. this is s’ hoods LAST transfer so we are gonna work each other to the bone !

A book for EVERYONE to read, it is part of the missionary library and it is so inspiring and inspired and will help in your individual lives and with help with missionary work .. “Our Search for Happiness” by M. Russell Ballard .. read it !

Corry is still progressing ..something at mission tour that p’ barrett told us yesterday that when I got to the field I thought was weird b.c. it is NOT taught at the mtc or anywhere in PMG was to ask your investigators to “pray for a baptismal date” yesterday papa barr laid down the law about NOT having them “pray” for a date and it is the best council ever .. b.c in corry’s situation we told her to “pray” about the date .. she said she felt January was good .. she knows its true .. she is and has been keeping ALL commitments .. then why delay the blessing of the GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST to have as a constant companion .. you can only receive that gift after baptism .. SO when papa barr told us that new mission standard yesterday me and s’hood both looked at each other at the same time and said “Corry is getting baptized November 1st” [we always think alike and have basically the same ideas and are the same person so we are use to this after 6weeks of being together already ☺ ] we are teaching Corry on Thursday and we are challenging her to be baptized November 1st .. pray that she accepts this date ! she is amazing and so solid !

the missionaries here in Green Bay are helping Brooke and Brady Poppinga [#51 .. linebacker, Green Bay Packers] with their Halloween benefit party .. we were there last week to set up the decorations and this Wednesday is the party .. me and s’hood are the “good witches” .. pictures will come after ! Brooke and Brady met on their missions in Uruguay .. back in the day .. they are really cool and funny .. they were sealed in the LA Temple so of course they are down ! Brady actually said that he would come with me and s’hood on campus at UWGB to help us get the work going more ! so down ! [also their nanny, Brit, is not a member and I met her at that service project at Lambeau Field a couple weeks ago and she is gonna come to our institute class .. she goes to UWGB and is so great and already knows about the mormons b.c. of the Poppingas !]
we had the wonderful opportunity to drive to the very top of the peninsula of Wisconsin .. know as Door County .. IT WAS AMAZING ! so beautiful .. the referral we had at the top didn’t want to talk with us but it was okok b.c. we were able to enjoy the beauty of the earth that our loving Heavenly Father provided for us ..
the YW/YM program of the church is such an amazing program .. it really is !
the WML introduced us to the Trujillo Family and we are gonna work with the the Spanish Elders with them b.c. the parents mostly speak Spanish but we built a good relationship with them this last weekend by having dinner with them at our WML’s house and also going to .. “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE” [sarai, auntie carrie and Johnson cousins .. this is for you !] me and s’hood were able to go and sit with them and talk about missionary work and the gospel all while watching the dancers from that show LIVE ! haha it reminded me of before my mission when we had a little party in Spanish Fork for the finale ! I got to see it all close up and it was so fun ! MISSIONS ARE SO FUN !
in other news :green bay is DEF getting COLD .. I am praying I will survive the winter ..the work is amazing .. I couldn’t be happiersomething Sister Wickman reminded all of us was, “you all sacrificed something to be here on your mission, why not make it worth your while.” It is so true !
i love you all,
sister warner

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