October 17, 2010

TWINS > TWINS > TWINS continued ..

 did i mention how much i LOVE my twins?
[a week later and i finish their birthday post!]

i am going to take you on a photographic journey of our growing up.
just some funny photos i found.
also to embarrass.

i guess because i was the "single" & the baby sister i got a little special treatment.
only once in a while.
my sisters shared part of THEIR birthday with me!
at least this birthday they did.
chuckie cheese style.

my dad had just passed away a couple weeks before this.
my family made my big sisters birthday special.
and included me too.
my sisters got the happy birthday hats at least.
the WARNERS are amazing.
they helped my mom & us SO much after my dad died.

we were blessed to have the warners around as we grew up.

i miss those sweet clothes!

lets fast forward a little ..

we were blessed to have missionaries come by this home when i was 10.5 & the twins were 12.

we were baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

some facts about the warner girls.

we didnt travel much growing up.
when we did, this is what is looked like.

L being the sweet big sister she is decided to help H out. 
[check out those headphones!]

us girls LOVE to sleep.
especially in cars.

and me being the little sister i was the designated pillow.

L you might HATE me for this next one.

i WILL admit L & I loved eminem.
let all the judgements start.
we had 3 posters of him in our room.

and we loved rachel watson.
i actually thought i was in this photo but i guess i was not.

secrets out.
we loved him.

we also loved church dances.

and pagers.
old school and nerdy you can say.
L's pocket!

going to MHS together was FUN.
the "warner sisters" dropped off year after year though.

L graduated MHS 2001.
i know what you are thinking.
ONLY laura graduated?
they are twins. they are in diff grades.
[also notice L is doing the 2001 class gang sign. just sayin.]

then H & I were left.

it was interesting to NOT have L there but we survived.
L always did our hair for us too.
good job & thank you!

i always wanted to get in on the twin sister action.
sometimes i was lucky enough to!
thanks for indulging me H.

spring of 2002 we were sealed as an eternal family in the Los Angeles Temple.
greatest day.

i will always remember this day.
so many blessings have come since.

H graduated from MHS class of 2002.
then i was the only warner left.
i ruled the school.

i graduate the following year.
MHS class of 2003.

pretty sure mama warner was happy to be done with that!

then we grew up even more ..

we celebrated the twins 21st in San Fran.
[why didnt i find a photo with the bridge?!]
what a FUN trip that was.
besides the fighting.

this photo was taken right after H wouldnt get in the car with L & I.
well she finally did.
after an hour of sitting outside in the fog.

we really do love each other.

good mems from that trip!

L & I worked at Chilis Bar & Grill with each other for a total of almost 5 years.
shoot me.
morning meeting for servers?
pretty sure they were teaching us something about the micro system.

L also decided to move to UTAH with me.
it lasted 4 months.
it was a good 4 months.
thank you.

H only ever came to Utah to VISIT.
never live.
she preferred the HOT of the AZ.
has been there since 2005?
i think.

MORE growing up happened.
life happened.

we lived in different states.
did different things.

the constant was that ALL 3 of us always knew when we needed each other.
its not just a twin connection.
its a warner sister connection.
if something ever happened to one of us the other 2 would be there ASAP.

my twins are the greatest.
best sisters.
best friends.



  1. i LOVE THIS. love family. love sisters. <3 yay yay yay.

  2. i love you only because you are my baby sister. not because you found embarrassing pictures. just wait until i bust mine out. remember the one with the thongs on our head at 3am? just sayin. :)