October 31, 2010

happy halloween!

1. i LOVE the fall.
2. i LOVE dressing up.
3. equals i LOVE halloween.

except all the scary parts.
i am no bueno when it comes to demonic clowns.
just sayin.

when i was in college my halloweens included these little people.
i love them.
to the moon and back.
prob even more than that.

my last halloween before my mission.
this photo describes my little sibs so perfectly!

i spent my halloweens in spanish fork.
trick or treating with my 3 favs.

then i would go back to provo and dance it up.

omi is def my little princess.

she is usually the 1st to give up on trick or treating.
i usually ended up carrying her half way through it all.
i never minded.
i loved it.

i then went on a mission.
my 1st halloween 10.2008 was an interesting one.
one i will NEVER forget!

the POPPINGA family asked us missionaries to help at their annual halloween fundraiser.
these were the costumes they gave us.
devil worshipper. vegas showgirl.
sister hood. sister warner.


the next year 10.2009 i was in milwaukee with my sister plu.i.m.
in the WMM halloween is our deep clean day.
lock down for safety.

so we cleaned all day.
i got a halloween package from the warners.
everything was MINI.
i love when my fami does themed packages!

it was a lovely day of cleaning.

we lived with the best of the best.
the kozloskys.

mama & papa k are the most amazing.

papa k built us a fire and let us help pass out candy!
we of course retired to our rooms at 9pm.

now to the present day.
my first halloween home, back in normal land.

i got to dress up.
i got to dance.
i got to stay out till 1am.
more like 2 am i think it was.

this girl REALLY is the pepper to my salt.
"i love you cat."

fall. fun. festivities.

endless happiness!

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  1. it was more like 3am. But okay! love you, salt.