October 13, 2010

source of comfort.

do you have something that is what you go to for comfort?

i do.

this is it.

my mission teddy bear.
[i really hope my comps read this. they love my teddy. especially pressing the hand.]

i cuddle with my teddy every single night.
she is so soft.
so comfortable.
so full of memories.

"on my mission .. "

on my mission i needed something to remind me of home.
something to hold.
i REALLY missed my mom & sisters while i was gone.

about 6 months into my time in the wmm i received this gift from my sister heather.

i had just been transfered to appleton.
new area.
new companion.
hardest time of change.

this little gift brought me such comfort.

my sister dressed her up as a missionary.
like me.

my teddy retired her mission clothes but as i cuddle with her at night i remember the good times.

prob the funniest thing about this teddy is the hand.
[mentioned before.]

my sister put a sound thing in the hand.
its creepy.
it laughs. weirdly.

my comps know what i am talking about.
i would sometimes roll over it when i was sleeping.
sorry for that.

i am laughing right now as i remember those moments in the night.
it would wake me up.
most of the time it would wake them up too!

every time i am on my bed this little teddy is in my arms.
so comforting for me.

thank you sister.
thank you teddy.

more memories to come.


  1. Ha ha ha- I'm laughing so hard at this. I TOTALLY had a doll on my mission - and I also had stuffed animals that my comps and I would hide in the most random places for each other to find. We got the biggest kick out of it. I love that your teddy makes a weird sound - that cracked me up. Loves.

  2. K... your bear = FREAKY! no me gusta!

    That thing would scare me half to death. QUITE literally!

    cute, but devilish laugh!!!

    thatcher the bunny liked her though!

    i love you!

  3. AEJ. i love that. my comps KIDNAPPED my scoopie doll once!

    pammy. remember how it freaked BOTH of us out?! thanks H.
    but i REALLY love thatcher.