October 20, 2010

i own a bike.

i ride said bike everyday.
that was a lie.

my mom will take me to work if i am going to the LA Temple after work or in case of bad weather.

marmie & i have talked about what will happen when the weather gets bad.
the only solution that has come: investing in a poncho.

im thinking red.
match the spokes of my bike.

this whole week has been a rainy one in LA.

i went to work tuesday morning.
on my bike, no rain.

by the time i was done it was bad.
marmie picked me up.

she also took me to work this morning.
what a nice woman she is.

i decided the weather was not too horrible to ride my bike home. 
so thats what i did today.

i rode my bike home in the rain.

it was refreshing actually.
a misty light rain.

the air smelled so clean.

i enjoyed.

i own a bike.
i do like to ride it everyday.
now rain or shine.


  1. this makes me miss riding my bike every day! in case it ever snows in LA, a word to the wise, don't try riding in 6" of snow. you probably knew that already.

  2. since i figured out that it takes less time for me to ride the 3.6 miles to work than it does to take the metro/bus (AND it saves me anywhere from $3.80-$4.60 a day!) my life has been changed for the better. yay bikes.

  3. YES!
    inspiration from around the US.

    veron. i will be aware. good thing LA doesnt snow.
    BUT i lived with a family in madison, wi where the dad rode his bike to work EVERYDAY. in ALL weather. i lived with him from january to march.
    props to brother noltemeyer!

  4. your not supposed to take pictures while riding your bike. you KNOW your mom doesn't like that.