October 06, 2010

back to reality ..

welcome back to not so sunny california.
back to work.
back to the daily grind.

utah was pure AMAZING.
so many adventures.

photos to come soon enough.
along with details.

life is good.
timing is hard.

everything will fall into place.

[btw .. 7 months.]


  1. It was good to see you and your stylish self at conference.
    I love this photo you've taken.
    Also- Did you bike to work in the rain? I love that you bike to work. That is awesome!

  2. LIfe IS good and timing IS hard. I couldn't agree more with you. But, I promise, time passes - so much so that we finally get to "the good part." Everything falls into place. You served HIM faithfully for 18 months... He isn't going to drop you. He has a whole bucket of blessings waiting for you, darlin. :) Love you like crazy. Congrats on 7 months. I'm not sure that is something we really "congratulate" though. More like, mourn. :)

  3. emily ..
    thank you! so good to see you too.
    i ride my bike everyday! it hasnt been too bad in the rain yet!

    A.E.J. ..
    you are such an inspiration to me. seriously!

  4. EVERYTHING WILL FALL INTO PLACE. kinda like our friendship, boo <3 love you, keep your head up