October 12, 2010

"on my mission .. "

i will not apologize for it.
i love it.
[thank you mama hood for being that person too.]

so ..
in sunday school this past sabbath day i went to marriage and family.
jon wing was teaching.
you are the best jon.

we were talking about getting into habits now to help teach our children later.
we focused on prayer, the Holy Ghost, scripture study.

i must have raised my hand 4 or 5 times with comments.
each time i started with "on my mission .. " 
[i know. i know what you are all thinking. just stop.]


oh how i MISS it.

i loved having a whole hour to study with someone else.
to talk about the scriptures.
how to teach the principles of the Savior.

what a blessing.
i learned SO much from all of them.
thank you .. 
mama hood, black, johnson, johnson, behrends, earl, pluim, johnson.

back to jon.

he challenged us this week to have our studies and to post our thoughts on a fb group he created.
i love the idea.
it makes me really think about what i am reading.
what i am taking away from it.
and also how someone else can help me expand my knowledge on it.
or how i can help them.

i just really miss EVERYTHING about my mission.

i failed yesterday jon.

this is what i read today.

3 Nephi 27:12
"Verily, verily, I say unto you, this is my gospel; and ye know the things that ye must do in my church; for the works which ye have seen me do that shall ye also do; for that which ye have seen me do even that shall ye do;"

it helped me remember that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is perfect.
we the people are imperfect.

we must do as the Savior says. 
Follow Him.
we must be latter-day saints.
followers of Jesus Christ in the last days.

i love learning.
i love the scriptures.

i love the old & new testament.
i love the book of mormon.

together they bring the FULL word of God to us.

i am SO grateful for the direction & guidance the scriptures have & continue to give me.


  1. J Wing must be a great teacher! You should post about all his lessons so I can learn vicariously through you : )

  2. u know of my love for this girl. for this mission. srsly. and you know who else says, 'when i was on my mission' at least twice a day (still after three years + 4 months) nic jones. always. he loves socal. and i'm like yo listen... wisconsin is way better.

    but tonight. hard night for us. crying. sad about losing just the us. not in a bad way. but really. i'm telling you the whole story. because really big nic cries. anyway.

    we just talked about our mission. and how we have phases and it feels like a transfer. hahahaha.

    and compy study with a husb = best. wait for it. wait for it. wait for it.

    love you.

  3. Melanie! I'm glad you enjoyed the lesson, but even happier that you're finding ways to share what you've studied. It has been fun to read through everyone's comments and insights. You are one of my favorites and I'm glad we became besties from Day 1! Much love your way!

  4. hill mill. i will do my best.

    my mama. you are a mama today! hopefully. i havent heard in while how you are doing.
    agreed. WISCONS is WAY better.
    new transfer for you. you are gonna be AMAZING.
    i am waiting!

    j wing. i love us being friends. thank you hamills.
    thank you for being so wise!