October 25, 2010

costumes. friends. loving life.

you are never TOO old to play dress up.

the g7 YSA ward hosted ..
Clue .. LIVE
this weekend.

how fun was it?!

we HOPED dressing up was encouraged.
our prayers were answered.

thank you thrift stores and grandmas!

1 was kidnapped.
[bishop price]

10 were suspects.

only 1 did it. with 1 weapon. in 1 room.

run and tell that homeboy!
we gonna find you.

our table failed.

we got the PLACE right at least! 
and that was a guess on our part.

oh well.
at least we looked good playing!

professer wing fooled us.
we didnt even know he was a suspect until we realized him missing at our table.
but he was not the culprit. 

1. not many people recognized Mr. Barlow.
[code name = Calvin Danger]

2. best thrift store find of a dress. 
[thank you arcadia]

3. this weekend was fun.
[just sayin]

i've decided ..
Catherine N. Card 
should dress like this everyday.

you know g7 is legit when Edward Norton comes to your activities!

oh. our fun did not end that night.

on Sunday eve Cat waxed 13 of our friends noses!
[message me on fb for your next appt. i am cats personal secretary. thank you.]

she is a pro. 
they will all vouch.

pretty sure g7 has the best looking noses around.

i am grateful for costumes. friends. life.


i am a blessed little lady.
to have such great friends.
a great family.
a wonderful life.


  1. Mel, I loved this post. It was a nice end to my evening of Facebooking. Really, it made me grateful for my life too. You're so inspiring... I love you and am glad we're getting to be friends!! You're so pretty :)

  2. love it! and love you! this weekend was pretty fun. Repeat this weekend? salt and pepper was never so delicious..

  3. I am DYING right now - I can't be here in UT anymore, this is killing me! I can't believe how decked out you all are, and all those waxed noses?! Amazing.

  4. emily. i am happy to always make your day. you make mine. with earings and lovely texts.

    cat. this weekend we will step it up. as in we will dance like those fools. and our salt n peppa will be oh so delicious.

    hill mill. can you just come back now? or we can ALL move up there.