October 28, 2010

Evelyn Gisele Allen


this is a very special day for the lives of 4 very amazing people.
daniel, lynzie, evelyn & heather.

what a blessing they all are for each other.

this little girl is very special.
very loved.
very blessed.

she was born while i was in the land of Wisconsin.
i remember that day very well.
i know my sweet sister heather does too.

thank you daniel and lynzie for the opportunity to meet you both and your beautiful children!

my sister heather is Ev's birth mother.
this is the most selfless act she has ever done.
placing her with the family that was intended to nurture and raise this beautiful daughter of God.

the allens story is amazing.
as well as my sisters.

it is something i think of often.

when sweet ev was about 4 months old the allens found out they were pregnant!
they had tried having children for over 5 years.
adopted little ev.
then got pregnant.

evelyn loves her little brother micah.

she is sealed to daniel and lynzie for time and all eternity.
what a blessing.

the Lord works miracles in our lives.
it is true.

this is proof.

i love you allen family.
i love you my sweet sister.
i love you evelyn gisele.


  1. thank you my sweet sister for this beautiful post. i do remember the day quite well.. i actually called you last night around the same time i did 2 years ago. and Laura had to put her ice cold hands on Evie's belly so you could hear her, even though it was a cry it was a cherished moment. Thank you for you love and support..

  2. Loved talking to you today. This is such a special story, must be some neat people on both sides. Love you girl, can't wait to talk sooner than later :)