October 14, 2010

cousin hannah marie warner

my little girl is all grown up. 
where did the time go?

i have 1 cousin.
crazy i know.

ok. 1 on my dads side.
still a little crazy.

miss hannah marie warner
we like to call her the miracle child.

my uncle had cancer.
he had his last shot of chemo the day my sisters were born.

i know there is more to the story but i was not even a twinkle in the eye.
nor was my cousin.

my uncle has been in remission ever since.

my uncle steven and my aunt lisa are like another set of parents to us.
they def had their hands full with us warner girls.
they would take us for weekends and we loved it.

hannah was born when i was 7 years old.

i was hannahs babysitter [FAVORITE] i might add!
when she was 5 and i was 13.

we would play with her life size barbie doll.
[which scared Heather to death one time!]

we would eat turkey and avocado sandwiches with cokes.
we would watch movies together.
play in the backyard.
endless fun.

no wonder i was the fav!

that was when she was 5.

where did the time go?

now we talk about boys. hair. clothes.

we share very similar "warner" characteristics.

here is to name a few:

*our shortness
i am 5'3" and hannah is 5'1" [i might be generous on that one for her!]
everyone else in our fami is TALL.

*our fat feet
we call them the flinstone feet. and we have really webbed toes.

*long blonde hair
well hannah still carries that one for us both!

*our randomness
you get us two together. there is no stopping it!

*our love of coke
hers is regualr. mine is diet. but still much love.

my sweet hannah supported me through her fun photographic letters while i was in the WIS.
i missed her and ALL my fami so much.

its weird to be the ONLY warner girl in monrovia.
thats never happened before.

hannah is rockin it at THE UNIVERSITY OF REDLANDS.
she is SO smart.

she is the only one that calls me MELL MELL [notice the 2 L's]

she did it when she was 5 and does it when she is 18 and I LOVE IT.

cousin. you are grown up.
i am so glad i got to be a part of that experience.

i am glad we have bonded over the years.
i am glad we are the same size.


congrats on being a HS Grad and now a COLLEGE STUDENT!

wow. oh wow. is all i can say.

BCF [best cousin forever]
thank you for the acronym my mama hood!

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  1. can i just say how much i love your style of writing? i love it!