October 27, 2010

MHS - Circa 2003

lets take another trip down memory lane.

back to the MHS days.

i started swimming the summer before my freshman year at Monrovia High.
i thought i was going to die.
i was going to quit after the first hour.
a little voice told me no.
keep going.
so i did.

i am so grateful i did.

i swam all 4 years at MHS.

i played 2 years of h2o polo.
those were the days.

beating up girls. 
getting beat up as well.
quite fun!

the coolest part about all this is during my senior year at MHS i was at my uncles house talking about a game and he says, "oh ya your dad and i swam and played water polo in our day."


like it was no big deal?!
why didnt anyone tell me that before?

swimming and playing water polo is something that not only do i enjoy but i feel like i have more of a connection to my dad as well.

thank you family for finally telling me!

so ..

[circa 2003]

i was on fb a couple weeks ago and one of the girls i was captain for and coached the year after my graduation said something about water polo!

i jumped right on in that convo.
you are the best.

i havent played polo since 2004?!

i havent really swam since 2008?!

oh man.

am i dying right now?

i am feeling that workout this very moment and i will def MORE tomorrow.

i did not drown though.

ricky did get a black eye from coach mondo.
and it was fun having a little alumni reunions.

i loved being back in the pool.
at my alma matter.

oh how the memories flooded back.
i love that!

next week its on yet again.
go > fight > win


  1. love it! next week i wanna come with you. good job my little fishy! p.s. im so glad you didnt drown. Who would I drink diet coke with?!

  2. p.p.s. look at that HOT blonde hair. seriously. do it.

  3. i was a swimmer too!! and worked as a swim instructor 3 years before the mish. haven't touched a pool since. i'm a disgrace!

  4. cat - blonde in 2 weeks?!

    whit - i love that you are a swimmer TOO. it is THE best workout. GET IN THE WATER. in a ryan gosling yell just for you.