September 23, 2010

The House of God

This place is beautiful!

Los Angeles Temple

being inside these walls puts my life back into perspective.

i feel peace.
i feel joy.
i feel love.

i needed this tonight.

[thank you liz and rachel]

if you are looking for a quiet spot in LA here is your place.

the Vistors Center just reopened too.
its amazing.
open 9am - 9pm
7 days a week
check it out!

and this ..


  1. So glad you got to go to the happiest place on earth. It sure is pretty. Kinda like your face!

  2. i went to the temple too last night! so great. did you take that photo?? its so beautiful!

  3. i WISH that was my photo leigh!
    but thank you!
    too bad i did not get to see you!

  4. The painting of the Los Angeles Temple that you posted here on your blog is a painting, not a photo. It was painted by Kendall Davenport. Thank you for your positive comments. This is a copyrighted painting and we ask people who use it to give him credit. Please post this link on your blog so that people can find this painting and learn more about the artist. Thank you Yolanda Davenport 208-356-5036