September 29, 2010

this guy.

i see this guy.
on chestnut ave.
almost everyday.

i do not know him.

he is usually somewhere on this stretch of road.

he rides a bike too.

his is a mountain bike.
mine is not.

we always bike the opposite directions of each other.
both going home from work.

he wears a helmet.
i do not.

he rides on the street.
i choose the sidewalk.

he is an expert.
i am a beginner.

we always nod at each other.
it really makes my day.
i look forward to seeing him on my ride home.

today i thought more about this guy.
i bet he has a family.
he is working hard for them.
he is being safe for them too.
he does where a helmet.

everyday around 6:07pm our lives cross paths.
on opposite sides of the street.

we nod.
with a little smile.
it makes the world a better place.


  1. Bikers gotta stick together! He's probably pretty jealous of your sweet ride.

  2. umm i'm kind of jealous of your sweet ride! cute basket. and i'm really proud of you for riding to work. i have not yet braved the city streets to do it but i think i will when it stops raining.

  3. you know how we do!

    hanner - it started raining on me a little yesterday!
    but i do love riding my bike. but the weather our there is crazy right now eh?
    p.s. ill let you take a ride on it when you come for christmas!

  4. sorry to interrupt, but I think you should get a T-shirt with your phone number on it - maybe he's NOT married and he'll call....or hang a sign on the front of your basket...
    you make my day
    nice seeing you
    call me

    ok, maybe it's a dorky idea.