September 18, 2010

Heather Naomi Beck

today was her funeral.
put a lot about life into perspective.

thank you. i love you.

July 5, 1985 - August 26, 2010

Heather Naomi Beck

she is ..
.. and so so much more

i had the wonderful opportunity of meeting and being friends with this little lady when i joined 

she was such a joy to be with.
she always made me smile.
and laugh.

girls camp was the BEST because of Heather.

she made our cabin exciting and fun!
she would sleep walk sometimes too.
she would dance and sing for us.
she would teach us some gymnastics.
she loved dressing up for our skits.
never was she self conscious.
she just wanted to have fun.
that helped the rest of us get out of our shells.

i have a lot of wonderful memories of Heather.
i am really grateful for the time i had to know and spend with her.

Heather helped me A LOT.

we would have sleepovers at her house.
we would stay up talking for hours.
we tried to always stay up till midnight so we could have a LEGIT midnight snack!

she would play the drums.
pretty sure we bothered her brothers.

she helped me to know i wasnt alone.
that even though we all had different trials, we could all overcome them.
she helped me to remember that those trials didnt define who we are.
that we could move forward.

my mind keeps replaying those conversations for me.
i will always be grateful for Heather.

the Beck family was a great strength to our Warner family.
Brother Byron Beck was our Home Teacher for a while.
he helped us with some really hard and good things.
thank you so much for everything.

thank you for raising a wonderful daughter.

the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is what keeps us together for eternity.

The Plan of Salvation is comforting and true.
i know it to be so.

you are missed. 
you are amazing.
thank you for your wonderful spirit.
i love you.


  1. Dear Melanie,

    It makes me so happy to hear that you were able to go to sweet Heathers funeral. I babysat her and the news broke my heart. I found some photo's of you guys from Girls Camp the other day. She was a wonderful person and so are you. I will never forget her.
    Thank you for being you, dear Melanie.
    love love,

  2. this touches my heart on so many levels.
    if it's ok to did it happen?
    i hope you are ok..

  3. kitty - i did not know you babysat her. wow.
    i love our photos of girls camp. such good times.
    thank you!

    whit - thank you so much. from what we know she passed away in her sleep from a heart attack. she is my age which really just puts this life into days and changes how you view it you know? you are amazing.

  4. Mel, I'm so sorry. That really does put a lot into perspective. I can't believe how young she was. Hope you and her family are doing okay. Loves.

  5. I had no idea you two were so close. I was so shocked when I found out everything that happened, and I am glad you and Cat were able to attend the services.

  6. i thought of you when i heard the news. so sad. heather was such a fun friend. so many good memories with her from girl's camp.