September 21, 2010

falling in love ..

this was my eve ..

google video chat with these two love birds ..

look at them. 
look at that love.
i love robbie and hannahs love for each other.
i love love.

[i stole this off your fb my hanner!]

they make me happy.
they make each other happy.
they enjoy their scout uniforms too.

i then proceeded to watch GLEE with my marmie.
i love.

then i ironed.
i NEVER iron.

i finally gave in.
but thats not the point of this post.
this is what i am getting to ..

while i was ironing.
my pandora was playing.
this song came on.

i fell in LOVE.
with the song.
the words.
the feeling it gave me.

i want you all to listen.
[and watch. the vid is the best.]

while you listen think of the one you LOVE.
you will fall in love over and over.

my eve was full of love.

i have been listening to this song on repeat for the last 2 hours.
dont judge.

like i said ..
i LOVE love.
i really do.

i usually keep my love life to myself and off my blog.
i talk to my sisters about it.
of course.

i am going to share a little now.

i am 25.
i am a college graduate.
i am a returned missionary.
i lived in provo, utah for 4 years.
i am LDS.
[a mormon]

i get asked all the time why i am not married.
recently asked just 3 days ago.

love has been on my mind.
and then this song came on.


it makes me want to fall in love.

i am currently dating.
no one in particular.
in fact i havent had a date in maybe a month.
i did get froyo last week with a guy friend.
maybe that was a date?

i want to fall in love.
i want it to be right falling in love.
if that makes sense.
it does in my mind.

i want my prince charming to sing this song to me.

preferably like Lloyd in Say Anything.  

outside my window.

i want to know.
really know.
like lisa robertson know.
[ask hailey hood-jones about that one!]
when i fall in love.

im pretty sure i will.
just waiting for that right match to come along.

hopefully making myself better day by day so i am ready.
for this prince charming.

my good friend amyjo is an inspiration to me.
i read her blog awhile ago and found this post.
she is an inspiration to me.

i thought alot about her words today as i have been listening to this song.
because falling in love is scary for me.
because of the past.
amyjo reminded me to not hold on to that.

hannah also reminded me.
thank you.

forward i go.
waiting for the Lords timing in all things.

falling in love will be exactly what i dream of.
i am sure of it.

i am going to dream of it now.

and i will remember ..

"I plead with you not to dwell on days now gone nor to yearn vainly for yesterdays, however good those yesterdays may have been. The past is to be learned from but not lived in. We look back to claim the embers from glowing experiences but not the ashes."
- Jeffery R. Holland


  1. i wish robbie was wearing a scout uniform in this pic.

  2. also, that is a great quote. we're all guilty of that, whether or not we've fallen in love :)

  3. me too.
    and yours too. together.
    go scouts.
    and yes. that quote has my heart.
    so do you.
    thank you for always lovin me!

  4. baby sister. i love you.
    a ridic amount.
    your prince charming will come in due time.
    not now but soon.
    i don't like thinking of my baby sister all growed up and married.
    anyways, the point is that I love you.
    and you will have great love one day.

  5. you'll know. and you won't be scared. and i miss you!

  6. Everything happens for a reason! I love love you. And I love that you love He's out there, sista! Don't settle for anything but the best. Because you deserve nothing but the best love life has to offer.

  7. i love love. and i love you. and i love that song. and i love this post.