September 20, 2010

the GREAT debate ..

i am having an internal battle.

i need some help.

i need a change.
for girls this usually means they want to change their hair.

it is true.
i am THINKING of a change.
for my hair.

so here is where this debate comes into play ..

stay with me.
help me.

2 years ago i went on a mission.
to the land of wisconsin.

life as a full time missionary is DEMANDING.
i did NOT want to have to deal with my hair.

this is what i looked like 2 years ago.

i had been PLATINUM BLONDE for 10+ years.

i dyed it dark brown so my NATURAL could grow in.

that has been my hair color for the last 2 years.
thank wmm for giving me a hair color change among A LOT of other amazing things!

this is me now ..

come follow me to this ..
the GREAT debate.

should i STAY NATURAL 



what is your opinion?

if i know of yours already i want it again.

the sooner the better!

i need changes!



  1. Of course I love my Momo both ways... but the Momo that was my vice was a blonde. Just sayin. :)

  2. natural! natural! natural!

    when i get bored with my hair i cut it. i will say i have been bored with my hair for the past two years as i've been growing it out.

  3. keep it natural! i love your hair color as it is. :)

  4. I love the natural look too. You could always try a few well-placed dramatic highlights to change it up a little?

  5. girl. that is tough.
    i'm in the same boat. went natural for the mish. i was always basically black with chunks of platinum here and there and funky short cuts.
    NOW...i do like my long hair, i've never had it before...and i've realized how pretty my natural color is and i'm quite fond of it now. however, i'm antsy in wanting to change SOMETHING. but part of me just wants to be all-natural because hardly anyone does these days, yah know?
    point being...
    i like how you have your hair now.
    but, you do pull of a platinum chick well.
    shoot, i don't think that was any help.

  6. natural, or add a tad bit of auburn. that would be SO good on you. I am not a hair expert, but I think I am pretty good with colors - and I pick auburn : )

  7. I'm with Eliza. I'd keep it au natural, but with a few highlights. Yessssssssssssss!
    Love ya so much,


  8. hi sister i like your blond hair . but i love you natural hair i realy love it natural.

  9. come on, people! Jump on the blonde boat! I

  10. thank you ALL for the lovin.
    i am undecided but really its not that big a deal!
    its hair. it grows back or we dye it! haha
    we shall see what happens in the next week!

    and whit .. you hair is great. i LOVE it long.
    but yes the RM now i need a change thing is going on for the both of us! LETS JUST DO IT! and yes not much help but i love your writting!