September 14, 2010


the warner sisters.

they are twins. i am a single.
people think we are triplets sometimes.

we could pass for it.

they are my best friends.

and i cant choose which one gets more points for the best.
they are twins.
its a package deal.

plus i love them both equally.
for different reasons.

the hardest was being away from them for 1.5years.
no daily texting. or talking.

no reunions every couple months.
no daily little sister annoyances.
i def saved those for christmas and mothers day.
and added a perfect sister missionary voice too!

for graduation from UVU my big sister L gave me this.
a bike necklace.
for my mission.
she got herself one too.

we wore them everyday for the 18 months we were apart.
ask my companions. they will testify to it.

they were reunited.
oh what joy that was.

my big sister L is ..
inside and out
but not as much as me!
ya made that up
we differ about what style is!

the list can go on people.
her bf A is a very lucky man!

1.5 minutes - 2 minutes later came 

she is the middle warner / attached to the first!

my sister H is ..
look at those eyes!
*great cook
she become betty crocker with marriage
you know it H!

and so much more.
she married an AMAZING man.
i LOVE my brother braden.
you scored with this little lady bro.

come on! look at that booty.

we are three peas in a pod.

we are separated by states for the time being but come christmas the warner sisters will be reunited.

all 3 of us together.
its the greatest of all times.

just wait and watch.

i miss you my sisters.
a lot.


  1. i love this. serious.
    i miss you SO MUCH.
    thank you for this.
    you are amazing.

  2. fam is all girls.
    i'm the youngest of 4.
    so i understand.