September 22, 2010

officially FALL!

i LOVE the fall.

WISCONSIN has the BEST fall.
the best.
i fell in love.

looking at these photos makes me fall in love all over again.

before my wisco life i lived in utah and they have a good fall.
wisconsin has the best.
california has NONE.

so today i am remembering how great wisconsin is.
ok thats literally EVERYDAY.

i started my mission in the fall.
maybe thats why i am OBSESSED with it.

and this lady.
my hood.

[door county, wisconsin]

we traveled up the peninsula of wiscons in the peak of the fall.
talk about BEAUTY.
and short short hair!

this day was CRISP. CLEAN.
it was fall.

i couldnt stop lovin on the colors.
even now!
oh how i miss it.

if i was in wiscons right now i would prob be wearing leggings and a scarf already!

but again.
i am in california.
1 season. 

breathtaking, eh?!

[milwaukee, wisconsin]

i was SO happy i got 2 falls in wiscon.
that meant 2 winters.
but i will GLADLY take the winter for the fall.
maybe not gladly but i will take it!

this Pday was so fun.

my 3 girls and i were serving in the same zone.
only .5hour from each other.
the racine sisters came up to play.

we had a fall photo shoot in Whitnall Park.
i think this was Blacks doing!

and my girls.
arent they lovely?!

my pammy jo black is home.
i am SO grateful for that.
i just wish we were roommates.

my little j comes home in 1.5 weeks!
where did her time go?!

my has a while yet!
but she is a rock star.
i miss her.

the colors of fall aren't quite there yet in wisconsin.
maybe more up north they are.
but it is fall.
and i know its prob getting chilly there.

my i miss it.

i DO love cali nation.
today was pretty chilly.

but the colors. 
we dont get that here.
i will live.

maybe ill just go back to wisconsin.
or utah.

goodbye summer.
hello fall!

show me what you got!


  1. well you haven't experienced DC's fall! which is also breathtaking.

    although yesterday it was in the 90s, will be today, and tomorrow.

    fall, please come. i bought two pairs of boots in your honor.

  2. I'll show you a good fall. You've had California fall but haven't had a California fall which included cat love. Pfft. Poor girl. Let's do this!

    P.s. I like your pretty pictures.

  3. Minnesota has better falls than Wisconsin ;) When are you coming back to UT ever?? You will never stop missing the mission. ♥

  4. best.
    wow these pics are great. but even better with your alterations. ahhh. i just wish i'd have worn a different skirt. thanks for the best fall of my life. i miss you.