September 27, 2010

the countdown.

i will be in utah with my lovelies.
cat and hill j.

reunions of all kinds will be happening.
i am SO excited for all of them.

memmotts. jose romo jr. blacky. foxy fox. pulleys.
the WMM.
bebe kay. uvu photo crew. lisa jane & ash.
brandon. missy. jacob barlow. AEJ.
general conference.
and SO many more!


also ..
a great reunion to be SO excited about is this one ..

Sister Virginia May Johnson
my missionary girl!

this is her 1st full day in the WMM.
i had the wonderful opportunity to train and spend 4.5 months with this pot of love!
we had some pretty amazing adventures together.
saw SO many miracles together.

and LOVED beyond description our Winnebago YSA!

this was on MY LAST DAY in the WMM.
i served with ALL the Sister Johnsons assigned to the WMM!
i loved it.

sister little j as she is know by in the WMM has been a STELLAR missionary for her entire 1.5 year.
she taught me SO much about OBEDIENCE, DILIGENCE, & HOPE!

i was lucky enough to see her when i traveled back to the Wiscons in June.
of course we went to Culvers together.
i got her hooked. along with ALL my companions!  

and now her time as a Full Time Representative of Jesus Christ is coming to a close.
but i KNOW she will never stop being a missionary.
she has blossomed into the amazing Daughter of God that He has intended.

Utah will be SO full of LOVE in just 5 short days!


  1. Um, and the Johnsons please!!! We miss our Momo :)

  2. you count with the memmotts!

  3. Us jones' are just chopped liver. I mean were part of the wmm but nothing else? Come on!!!

  4. you jones!
    you are one of my #1!
    i wanted to put EVERYONE but that would take a whole post!
    I <3 you and cant wait to take photos of ruby!