February 07, 2011

monday. monday. monday. i LOVE monday.

i seriously LOVE monday.
every monday.

it is my day off from the studio.

my day to sleep in.

my laundry day.

thrift shopping day.

get all my errands done day.

g7 bonding day.

art project day.

clean my room & home day.

sometimes skype with jacob day.
[at least last semester!]

adventures with MelCat day.
[when she conveniently doesnt have to work!]

write letters day.

pay my bills day.

monday is my PDAY!
my preparation day. 
reminds me of the wmm.
which of course i love even more.

i love monday!


    i dread mondays...craziest day @ work and night classes. booo!
    i envy your pday.

  2. it should be your skype with lisa and ashlynn day too

  3. whit .. i am sorry! usually mondays are never fun. i just got lucky with my job! lets have a pday together!?

    jastals .. uh YES PLEASE!