February 09, 2011

i love doppelgangers.

jacob barlow vs. michael stahl-david

[thank you cat & peyton for watching cloverfield and figuring this one out!]


  1. Actually that's not too far off! Plus, I loved Cloverfield.

  2. its seriously amazing! i love jacob barlow. and this other young chap.

  3. This picture is so precious, it looks like they're hugging.

    And at the risk of making myself look like a total dork (as if I'm not good enough at that already) one of my favorite SNL skits talks about dopplegangers. I think of it every time I hear the word: http://www.hulu.com/watch/19051/saturday-night-live-brian-fellows-safari-planet


  4. j.bar .. he is your long lost twin. seriously. so good looking.

    cat .. date that guy. meaning NOT jacob.

    heidi .. OMG. i love that episode. and jacob is actually hugging me in that photo but i just did a little photoshop magic!