February 10, 2011

i love gummy vitamins.

since coming home from the wmm i have proven to be the warner girl that gets sick the most.
something i do not love.

i told marmie that maybe i would stop getting sick if i would just take my vitamins.
BUT ..
i hate swallowing pills.

my big sister L had to teach me how to swallow pills when we were growing up.
i dont think i actually got it down till sometime in high school.
[ok. lie. i still dont have it down.]

before i could swallow pills L would crush up said pill [i.e. Tylenol] in a spoon and put some sugar and water with it and that is how i would take my meds.
thank you big sister! 

in my christmas stocking this past 2010 santa brought me these guys ..


best invention ever.
i have been taking them EVERYDAY since christmas.
and i have NOT gotten sick since the holidays.

i really love them.
sometimes i just really want to eat them like fruit snacks.

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