February 05, 2011

love of wisconsin.

my love for this cold land will never end.
even after being away from it for 11 months [today!] i still wish to go back. 

dont mind that: 
1. i look like a boy in a skirt. 
2. of course i have TWO coats on. 
3. my missionary fashion sense was not so good right here.

i love WI more than ever right now b.c. my green bay packers will dominate in the super bowl tomorrow!

my sister b.johnson is serving in GB right now and in her email to me last monday she said they had to be in their apartment at 4p and could not go out the rest of the night.

GB will either be drunk & crazy with excitement OR drunk & crazy with anger.
depending on the results of the game!


[and as demonstrated by the pink glove wiscons IS the shape of the hand. thank you!]

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  1. Will you hurry up and come visit. Bring your Cat too!