February 26, 2011

i love the House of the Lord!

today was beautiful and filled with the Spirit!

Braden and Heather had the wonderful opportunity to be sealed for ETERNITY in the San Diego Temple.

Heavenly Father is marvelous.

when we walked out of the Temple it was pouring rain.

we walked to the cars to get more umbrellas and the camera [thank you my sweet cat!] and 5 minutes later the skys cleared and became blue!


i took some shots of them for remembrance of their special day in the Temple. 

the power of love is strong and bonding.

i couldnt have chosen anyone better for my H!
her eyes light up when she looks at B. 

he may look a little angry in the above photo but i promise you he is smiling.
its just his squinty albino eyes!

i love the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
we can be bonded to our loved ones for eternity.

to me that is the best gift. ever.

as we were in the sealing room the rays from the sun were shining in and the light that shown was full of truth.

it was a perfect moment of peace, love, clarity and eternal happiness.

through the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ this blessing of eternity is made available to all.
it is amazing.

questions? this is the place to go >>> eternal marriage.

thank you H&B for letting me apart of such a significant day.
i love you.


  1. love it! so excited for those two! what a wonderful couple!

  2. i am OBSESSED with the last picture of the temple.

    happy day of love, eternity and spirit. so glad you got to partake. <3

  3. i'm obsessed with you.
    and think you are a great person. inside and out. that's really the thing i need to say. i think about it daily. you are great mel. great great great.