February 25, 2011

i love mission companions!

love. them.

i love when we get to have a little catch time up via the cellular. 
of course they all have to live in utah!
boo on that one.

i love talking to my mama hood.
hearing ruby scream in the background.
not because her mama is mean but because drs are mean and gave the poor girl some shots.
mama hood is a good mama.

i really need to meet the ruby.

we love to laugh about the words i say wrong, foods we disagree on and of course RED FACE!

we love talking about boys.
namely her husb nic jones and mr. barlow.

she makes me laugh and smile.

i have so many stories to tell my girls.
the blacky and little j!

even if we only get to talk once every couple weeks it feels like no time has past between us at all.
i love it.

anything we talk about relates back to the WMM.
it makes us all smile.

i feel so much better about life after having a little chat with one of these two.
i wish we could be roommates and actually stay up all night instead of lights out at 10:30pm
but alas utah has them both.

my last 2 companions are out in the field yet ..

oh how i miss them so!

i get their weekly emails which inspire and lift me up.
lets me know the work of the Lord continues forth.

this girl .. the pluiminator as we like to call her will be on her plane home [of course to utah] in just about 3 weeks.

where did her time go?
i remember her very first day in the field.
meeting her in the milwaukee chapel and becoming her trainer.

my sister b. johnson killed me.
what a marvelous 6 weeks those were in mad town.

not only did she teach me the amazingness of tim tam man slams but we sprinted every single day.

if i wasnt tired before madison i was def tired after.
best. killer.

i miss our chats a lot ..

wisconsin continues to bless my life.
every. single. day.

connections continue to be made and they make me smile.

my mission companions became sisters to me.
these girls have a special place in my heart.


  1. oh the mish!
    you're lucky, most of my companions live in other countries and communication is a little more..difficult.
    i relate 100%.

  2. I love LOVE love this post! I miss you as well! I wish you lived in UTAH my dear! But soon, oh so soon, I want to visit you!!! I love you.