January 26, 2011

only because it was wisconsin.

i NEVER watch American Idol. NEVER.
not a fan. 
sorry if you are.

BUT ..

heidi barlow rose let me know the auditions were being held in MILWAUKEE tonight.

i miss this place.
i miss these people.
well i live with marmie but i still miss wisconsin.

and i do love that the auditions were held at the milwaukee art musuem!

thank you heidi for helping me get my wisconsin fix.


  1. i almost sent you a text last as i watched it...made me think of you the whole time...especially the GREEN and GOLD girl!

  2. Mel!!! yay! im so glad you have a blog!!! you are so adorable! i think im coming to your ward this weekend cant wait to see you!!

  3. tiffany! please come to the g7. and sit by me please!