January 10, 2011


Catherine N. Card + Melanie E. Warner = MelCat

yes we have a celeb duo name.
do not hate.

the Lord DEF knows what He is doing.
that is all i gotta say.

this woman came into my life when i needed her most.
and i will ALWAYS continue to need my Cat!

there are heaps of reasons why this girl is my other half.
the Cat to my Mel!
[the pepper to my salt! halloween 2010!]

let me share a few ..

she listened and continues to listen to EVERY one of my WMM stories.
[she practically knows everyone and everything about the wmm!]
[and every story for that matter!]

she lets me borrow her pearls when we dress up.
[she is a classy woman!]

she drives me to and from g7 activities and more.
[and now thank you marmie for letting me give back with goldie!]

we share cans of diet cokes when we are at each others houses.
[we are a good support team!]

we text daily. all day.
[some of the best parts of my day is hearing her funny stories as a nanny!]

she is the most selfless and caring person.
[always there to pick me up. i am a blessed girl. seriously.]

she is supportive and loving.
[always full of encouragement for me to keep moving forward!]

she is an amazing example of living the gospel of Jesus Christ.
[she listens to the Lord and is a faithful woman.]

there are SO many more qualities and attributes that i could highlight this beauty with but that would take me years to write down!

the Lord blesses us through other people.
i believe and KNOW that to be true.

you deserve the best person in the world trophy!

i love you boo.


  1. Oh my word. You are the best. I appreciate all the love that you freely give me. You will always be the Mel to my cat.