January 27, 2011

framing skills.

i use this nail gun at least 2 - 3 times a week.

its for framing. 
[yes i am a professional framer at my place of work, thank you ray.] 
[ok, i lie, ray IS the professional.]

every time i use it i am surprised i do not have a nail through my finger.

fun fact. i am a pretty UNcoordinated warner.
BUT at least i am not #1 for this .. H is the most UNcoordinated warner!

 so i get a little nervous when i need to frame for this fact.

actually last week i was framing and talking to ray at the same time.
the nail gun got stuck or something and i pulled it away from the frame and a nail shot into the air.

good thing i didnt look at it or point it at ray.
that would have been bad.

basically i am ever more cautious of my nail gun usage now.
and well xacto knife usage too.
and using a step ladder.
and well i guess i should even be cautious of using the packing tape contraption. 

remember. in all things.
safety first.


  1. I would consider myself uncoordinated as well, and I actually did shoot a nail through my thumb, so be careful! I loved this post, it just makes me feel good to know I'm not alone!

  2. OMG. you actually did?! wow.
    i am glad you told me so i dont feel like i am the only uncoordinated one in the world.