January 31, 2011

i miss this girl.

our relationship goes way back.

we knew of each other at Clifton Middle School.
i think we talked a couple times when we were in 8th grade.
mostly because we were the "mormons"
but we were in different wards so we didnt really hang out.

fast forward to Monrovia High School and our love and friendship blossomed.

our being "mormon" bonded us in high school and that was a blessing.
having this girl hannah in my life.

we enjoyed many church activities together.
stake beach days was always a fun one.

our sophomore year we were both on MHS homecoming court.
we enjoyed our matching pink dresses.
that was sarcastic.
[ps hannah i still have mine!]

most of our memories of back in the day come from our senior year!
those were some good and hard times.

dance dress shopping.
driving in the volvo.
[that meant hannah driving me EVERYWHERE due to me having no license!]
planning various church activities.
going to church dances.
filling out college applications.
FHE at the Terrills.
sleeping in hannahs bed on the weekends.
having a tooth brush at her home.
photography classes.
living it up in M-Town!

we graduated together.
moved to utah within a week of each other.
adventures galore continued!

lots of college adventures happend in provo nation.
we were roommates for a year.
even shared a room.
hannah would talk in her sleep.
we danced together every week.
we had a kitteh together.
lucille was presh.

she met her husb rob in provo.
she went to DC for a little bit.
i started preparing for my mission.
the han and rob got engaged.
stopped by my apartment RIGHT after the proposal!

i prayed i'd report to the mtc AFTER the hamill wedding.
it happened.

the newly weds started life together.
i started a mission in wisconsin.

hannah wrote me.
sent me packages.
kept me updated on their life.

i got home in march 2010 but our great real life reunion didnt take place till december 2010.
what a happy day that was to hug her again.

its like no time goes by when we get together again.
its wonderful.

this always happens too ..

we take photos of each others faces.

DC keeps the hamills right now.
california keeps me.

i wish i could have a hannah hug right now.
love you mommy.


  1. i loooove you too! those pictures... are awesome. awesome wing hair, hannah.

  2. also, isn't it funny that the last HS pic you posted was taken the day after my first kiss? sigh.

  3. you hair was the greatest circa 2002 -2003.
    no diggity, no doubt.

    pretty sure we are at dawn and harrys house in that photo. we took photos of their dogs for class! so it was after homecoming eh?!