January 05, 2011


its ones like this that i miss.

at least they are videoed to give me a smile and remember funny missionary moments.

i love wisconsin.

i love the wmm.

right now in the warmth of my bed i am NOT missing the cold cold cold of wisconsin.
but i still love that place.

if you didnt know by now i am a nostalgic person.


time flies.
in the mission and at home.
10 months today i have been back in the monrovia.

in honor of this day i watched my old mission videos.
i couldnt stop laughing.

mostly b.c. i am such a dork!

thank you elder air johnson for making me cry with laughter over the district meeting farewell video posted on my fb today!

i promise no elder was hurt in my attempt at the pinata.
only the wall of the cultural hall.

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