September 05, 2011

wisconsin still has my heart ..

today i have been home from my mission for 18 months.
thats the same amount of time i was on my mission.
crazy how time flies.

i still talk about wisconsin everyday.
hopefully mr. barlows not tired of it yet.

i still think about the people there everyday.
i think about green bay, appleton, milwaukee & madison.

i still remember miracle after miracle everyday.
the Lord blesses us.

wisconsin still has my heart.
i really have been lucky to go back twice in the last 18 months.

next time hopefully mr. barlow will come with.
wisconsinites are eager to meet you my love!

maybe we can live there one day mr. barlow?!
heidi & greg did!
we would prob die from the winters though.

i was able to go to wisconsin for sara haskell & erik johnsons wedding!
i am in the process of getting those on my computer!

but in the meantime let me tell you why wisconsin will forever have my heart ..
because of these lovelies & more!

here is my sweet olivia!
she was just 3 when i was there in GB.
now she is 6?!
where did that time go!

i have about 15+ drawings from her when i left the robertsons!

mama hood & blackie this video is for you!
she is so grown up now.
well she was grown up when she was 3 right?!

the pluiminator [esther] and i served in milwakee together!
i'm her mama!
we both taught sara and were her missionaries.
we got to both teach erik a little too!

our planes met in denver and then we flew to the MKE together!
when we boarded the plane to milwaukee a passenger said "YOU BETCHA" in response to a questiona and we both smiled and knew we were in the right place.

we named our car estanie for the weekend!

"its like dejavu .. but with pants!" - pluim

we drove to our kozlosky house and crashed!

the next morning we had to get to GB early to take some photos for the to be married.

i love love.

we then went to appleton to see some greats ..

the lovely pang kou yang & family!

the ever so famous jeremiah thomas james!

we also stopped at the ogdens.
love them!

then we went back to the GB & played, played with the robertsons.
well the wedding happened first on saturday and then we played night games with the YW from the GB1st ward!
talk about fun!

i am kinda obsessed with this family!

jed still wears my tie i gave him!

these girls still give lots of hugs and giggles!

and these ones are takin over prebble high!

another great highlight was sitting on the front porch of the ribbons home!
oh how i miss them!
sorry we forgot that picture worthy moment.
i loved spending that time with them.

the pluim and i drove down to milwaukee after GB1st sacrament.
the GB1st members would walk by me and stare at me and then come back and realize it was me!
that LA blonde hair.
totally throws off the sconnies!

we caught the milwaukee 3rd ysa right as church was letting out!
so so so many greats there too!

whitney heller.
beautiful. talented. amazing.

toubee yang!
NOT seethong!
all around best!
makes amazing pho!

heather boese!
love. love. love.

my kozlosky sisters!
miss you lovelies!

the papa k!
always has a DC for me and a bag of chips for the pluim.
he loves us.

we could not fly out of wisconsin without some Kopps and obvi katie wenzel!
i dare to say kopps is better then in n out!

and OBVI we had to eat Kopps frozen custard too!
the Lord loves the pluim because the flavor of the day was RED RASBERRY! 

the pluims dream = put her feet in lake michigan.
we walked up and she changed her mind!

ending our trip with marilyn morris was the best of all.
cant wait to see your dance moves at the wedding!

thank you wisconsin for always showing me love.
i love you back.

and more to come on this Lambeau Field wedding!


  1. glad you had fun. and i dare to say i can probably think of at least 5 different places that are better than in-n-out. just sayin :)

  2. ummm, give me back my dress b!
    you better enjoy it for another month, cause its coming back to FL with me!!