September 07, 2011

home sweet BAKERSFIELD!

well folks ..
as the wedding nears mr. barlow & i started discussing where to live.
[crazy we get to live TOGETHER!!!]

these past few weeks have been pretty tough.
mr. barlow works for imagine learning.
its based out of provo but he is their software tech man out here in LA and Central Cali.

with school back in session he has been gone. A LOT.
he works up in fresno most weeks .. thats about 3 hours north of LA.
right now he is gone.
left monday. doesnt come home till friday.

its hard but we are making it work.
just like our old rexburg/LA days!

but when we are married i dont really fancy hanging out in LA all week in an apartment for the 2 of us while he is in fresno working.

SO ..
after much consideration and prayer we felt it best to move more in the middle of his area for work.

welcome barlows to ..

in case you were wondering WHERE bakersfield is here is a map.
i didnt even know!!!

it will be a change.
different then LA.

i am looking forward to having an apartment together as mr. & mrs. barlow though.
and for mr. barlow to actually be there.

i am also looking forward to this!

come on! this is gonna be great!

with this change of plans though comes a sad part for me ..

i will be quitting Belle n' Beau Photography.
i just talked to Ray yesterday and we both looked at each other and hugged.

B&B has been a blessing, a learning experience and so much fun!

if you are in need of a job let me know!
message me and i will give you more details.

it is a wonderful place to work!

my last day will be 09.30.11 so i can focus on all those crazy wedding plans in october.
we are interviewing now for my position as studio manager and then i can train you before i leave!

thank you ray for all the good times!

bakersfield .. get ready!
the barlows are coming to you!

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