September 04, 2011

lots of lovin & life = busy.

i feel like my life has been on fast forward the past few weeks.

i feel like i havent been to g7 in months.
its really only been 2 weeks.

i feel like i need a time turner like hermione to catch up.
im going to inquire about that .. maybe they may have one left yet.

so heres a little of whats been going on ..

on 8.22.11 i took rachel & spencers engagements!
rachel is sarais sister and well i just love love love the tuilesu family.
kinda obsessed actually.

spencer & rachel are geting married 2 weeks after jacob & i!

i loved being able to photograph them!
spencer is a crack up & pretty stylin in his bow tie.
rachel is beautiful and loves to laugh with her fiance.


i love love.

also while we are on the topic of LOVE .. these two love birds have been married for 41 years today!
dennis & annell barlow.

41 years. 10 children. 20 grandchildren.

i love them.

more later on WISCONSIN!
so grateful i was able to go back to that sacred place and be there with the pluiminator for sara & erik!
and to see tons of people i love!

also i got to photograph on Lambeau Field.
now that is a big deal!

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