September 20, 2011

what love does to you.

come the weekend i wanted to throw my laptop off a cliff.
i was sick of sitting in front of a computer.
even ask mr. barlow or cat.
i was not a happy camper.

so .. 

mr. barlow whisked me away to spend the day at our happy place.

i know it seems like we go to disneyland every weekend.
we do.
but we hadnt in about a month.

this wedding planning thing has really been cutting into our disneyland adventures.
but not this past weekend.

so like i said mr. barlow whisked me away and we spent all of saturday at this magical place.

and this is what love does to you.

love makes you want to better.
love makes you work harder.
love makes you grow.

example a.
the pickle.

i do not like pickles.
never have.
my sisters do though!
well at least i know heather does.
twin thing?!

i use to even pick out the pickles in marmies potato salad.

mr. barlow on the other hand LOVES, i repeat LOVES pickles.
he even told me when we first started dating that his family made pickles popsicles.
oh they really do. and they really love them.

our first trip to disneyland was in december 2010.
mr. barlow got a pickle. i got a diet coke.
perfect right?!

then mr. barlow asked me if i wanted to try his pickle.
i said NO WAY!
but i caved.
he looked at me so sweetly.

i took a bite and it was not yummy to my taste.
mr. barlow giggled as i made a funny face.

as our disneyland trips have progressed so has the pickle bites.
mr. barlow always gets a pickle. i always get a diet coke.

lets remember how often this couple goes to disneyland.
thats a lot of pickles & a lot of diet coke.

thats a lot of little bites too.

this weekend was a big deal at disneyland!

on september 17th, i, melanie elizabeth warner, soon to be mrs. barlow, UPGRADED TO MY VERY OWN PICKLE!!!

you heard right!
that is what love does to you.

i now officially like pickles.
correction: i only like disneyland pickles & only if i get a diet coke too.

proof below.

it almost looks like i am making out with the pickle.

this is also what love does to you ..

makes you giggle & smile all the time.

proof adler & beth!

love this couple and so glad i got to take their engagements.

i love love.


  1. i loooove pickles! i didn't used to like them either and i'm not sure when i got so into them but dang. i love them. there is a pickle place by our house during market days called "in a pickle" and you can buy a pickle on a stick. so, come visit us sometime for a pickle on a stick.

  2. It is true. We love pickles around here. The other day the recycling truck was coming and I hurried to pour out the pickle juice to get it into the recycling bin, and I winced the whole time to see all that wonderful pickle juice go to waste.

    But Disneyland pickles are the BEST pickles of all the pickles. It's only a matter of time before you sneak a taste of the popsicle. Heaven!