September 29, 2011

30 DAYS!!!

time is speeding up.
seriously where does it go?

in just 30 days i will be sealed to mr. barlow for time & all eternity.
this makes me happy. really happy.

in honor of this upcoming event i was showered with love and more love!

my lovely catherine card along with her mama held a shower for me just last night.
cat is the pepper to my salt. the jelly to my peanut butter. the cheese to my macaroni.
i know we say this alot. but it is a true fact.
she is also the hostess with the mostess!

thank you for the beautiful shower my lovely.

this was probably my favorite moment of the night ..
it is a beautiful crocheted decoration for our future barlow home but some people thought it was something else! 
[thank you hayna & granny babs!]

i feel blessed to have some very lovely & beautiful girlfriends from the G7! 
emily you are counted in this even though you left right before this photo!

also it was ever so lovely having my family, future in law family and monrovia ward family there to celebrate!

never knew this was a bridal shower tradition!
now i do!
thank you for your hard work haybo!

it was like my birthday but not!
i feel so loved!

and right when the party ended mr. barlow came by to give me a hug & kiss. or two.

30 days! 30 days! 30 days!
we will see you dancing right next to us.

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  1. it's all happening!!! and coming so soon! i couldn't be more excited for you. ilu.