March 24, 2010

the work of God will go forth !

for the last 6weeks of my time in the Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission i had the wonderful opprotunity to go to Madison to work along side the newest Sister B. Jonhson.

i was STOKED b.c. i had always wanted to serve in Madison but my time was coming close to going home to the warmth of LA. BUT our Heavenly Father knows the desires of our hearts and if they be good and His will He makes them happen.

3weeks into my time in Madison, a wonderful member, Ethan Rooney, of the Madison Universtiy Ward invited his friend SHYLINA CROSBY to church. she accepted. we, sister b.johnson and i met her. we set up a time where we could have lunch and teach her a little more about why ethan invited her to church. she accepted. we had lunch a couple days later. she loved hearing about the restoration. we then started meeting with her 2times a week.

we knew Shy needed the healing power of the Aonement and that she could partake of that sweet fruit through baptism by the proper authority. we invtied her to be baptized MARCH 20, 2010.

Shylina ACCEPTED. i knew i would be gone from my mission but i am ever so thankful to know that the work/truth of God will go forth because it is REAL.

Shylina WAS baptized by her sweet friend Ethan on March 20, 2010 !

Sister Little Johnson took my place in Madison. no one could of been better for my sweet Shy.

i am SO grateful i had the opprotunity to meet Shylina. she blessed my life in so many ways, especially to understand the Atonement more. she helped me to finish my mission strong and to know EVERYONE needs the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and that is blesses our lives no matter what state they are in.

i am SO grateful for the Sisters Johnson & Jonhson [ the Lord does have a humor !] b.c. they are amazing representatives of Jesus Christ and they are both my girls !

thank you Ethan for inviting Shy to church. you were right, she looked like she needed it and she did need it !

the full truth of the Jesus Christ Gospel has been restored. its here for all and everyone !
check it out here.

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  1. looooooooooove this story.
    ethan is a good mish.
    has been since the begining.
    i also love madtown.
    so glad you got the oppertunity.
    beaver dam is not mad town.
    but at least the stake.
    don't you love it.
    ohh it's dreamy.