March 26, 2010

the warner home.

this is our tree. marmie just told me its a PINK TRUMPET. i love it. she doesnt love having to clean up after it. the beautiful pink flowers fall on the cars everywhere. but it is pretty amazing to look at though.

our house is on a pretty main street in the little town on Monrovia. i love our little cozy home. its small but its perfect. the little white fence and amazing pink tree is how i tell people to find it. also Monrovians know it as the duck house. my sister owns them. they shall have a photo shoot later.

1 comment:

  1. ohwowzers.
    i never have seen seen your house.
    but did you know this is exactly how i pictured it.
    except the tree.
    you forgot to tell me about that.
    i love this house.
    i will visit soon.
    you, marmie. elle. the whole gang.
    except the ducks.
    i prefer the geese.