March 28, 2010


i love taking walks along the streets.

since i dont have much else to do.

this fun sun was on Lemon as well.

i saw it the other night while i was on the phone walking around.

i had to wait till morning till i could photograph mr. sun.

that happened yesterday.

he enjoyed his photo shoot.

what a good day yesterday was too.

it was the first time i went to the beach in 1.5years.

it felt awkward to wear a swim suit and be on sand with bare feet BUT the california girl game back to me pretty fast and i adjusted really well.

plus doesn't mr. sun just really make you smile ?

i know he makes me. smiling = happiness. try it.

1 comment:

  1. love chalk drawings.
    love love love mr. sun.
    love the beach.
    love you on the beach.
    like the last time and the fire and kay saying you couldn't take pics in tanks because you were a g wearing woman.
    but i disagree.
    i love you.
    please don't be mad for all my comments.