March 29, 2010

magical !

i LOVE wind chimes.

they sound MAGICAL.

my mom has about 5 of them on our front porch.

mother like daughter ?

i think so.


i was sitting on our front porch yesterday talking to some of my wisco folks and from where i was sitting the sun was shinning through this particular wind chime.

it was so beautiful. breathtaking almost.

one thing i am obsessed with when it comes to photography is LIGHT.

i love the sunlight and the glow/feel it gives.


  1. i'm glad to see you are already out taking pictures... but come to utah and take pictures with me pleeeeaaaseeee! <3

  2. love them too.
    we have a porch.
    i will buy one for our porch.
    or five.
    because i love mama w.
    and just so you know.
    i love you.
    oh and i read a book and it was great called shelter me.
    do you like to read.
    because it talks about wind chimes in one tiny part.
    if you like to read. read it.