December 29, 2009

time to shout .. 2010 ! [12.29.09]

let us SHOUT ! its gonna be 01.01.2010 ! CRAZY !

i CAN NOT believe 2009 is over. wow. its gone by SO fast.

i think the year goes by faster when you have seasons. in beautiful LA you have 1 season .. that is SUN. in WI you have 4 and it is wonderful. i feel like is does make the year go by faster too !

right now the season is .. FROZEN TUNDRA yet. but that is ok. we do the work yet b.c. we LOVE it. in any season of weather of phase of missionary work.

i am so grateful i have had an ENTIRE YEAR dedicated to serve my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. the 2009 year has been full of miracles and blessings. to see the restored gospel work in the lives of Heavenly Fathers children is indescribable.

i love being His instrument in bringing others unto Christ. its an amazing feeling. i know there is plenty more to do, see and say. it doesnt stop at the end of 2009 .. it keeps going forever b.c. this is the truth ! i will keep going forward with faith and perseverance b.c. i know what i have is the most important to everyone and anyones soul !

i am excited for 2010 and all the miracles and opprotunities i have yet to share the restored gospel. my promise to my Savior Jesus Christ this year is to always be His disciple through thick and thin ! as we put of the "natural man" we can see the amazing blessings the Lord has in store for us and is wanting to give us. He loves us. He loves you.

i know we just talked this week and that was a BLESSING right there. it was SO good to hear your voices and feel your love through the phone. thank you for making it a wonderful day even though i was far away from you.

this last week we went and CAROLED a lot ! people loved it ! [papa i am going to come and carol to you and you will love it ! haha] it gave us an opprotunity to see people and show them our love for them !

we had a lot of snow this week and a lot of sickness as well. i was sick right before christmas and my lil s.pluim was sick right after christmas.

she woke up sunday morning DYING and we both had to speak in church. she did a wonderful job [she doesnt even remember what she said!] and then at the end of the 3 hour block she went home to sleep with mama k as her comp and i stayed for the YSA with natalya as mine. she slept for over 12 hours and is feeling great now !

we were def teken care of by our members for the holidays ! i love this area !

we had two really great experiences after i talked to you on christmas.

the first : saturday 12.26.09
we had an appt with the MILLERS ..cliff is their YSA son who joined the church 2 years ago and they have a daughter who lives at home yet. they live in GENOA CITY. its a long ways away from our central area. so we start driving in a white out snow storm and get to Genoa City almost 1.5hours later. we got there safe and the appt was AMAZING. the spirit was so strong and cliff .. who is preparing for a mission .. gave and amazing spirit felt invite for his family to take the lessons. it was beautiful. we can teach his sister but the elkhorn elders will teach the family. so the night was just beautiful. we go to leave and i start following my wonderful GPS to get back to Muskego .. all of a sudden i see a sign that said "WELCOME TO ILLINOIS" i just start screaming. we just left our mission. s.pluim just looked at me and said i was wondering why you were following the sign that said Chicago. I DID NOT SEE THAT SIGN AND DID NOT KNOW THAT GENOA CITY WAS ON THE BORDER OF WISCONSIN/ILLINOIS !

so we are just laughing and we turn around before we go to far into ILLINOIS and then we see the sign that says "WELCOME TO WISCONSIN" we felt so much better ! we decided it was a picture worthy adventure and took pictures of both signs ! what a good day !

the second : sunday/monday 12.27.09 & 12.28.09
on sunday s.pluim and i spoke in the Muskego Lakes Ward on : The Book of Mormon - The Word of God. it went really well despite s.pluims sickness but ZAK KEIR [a RM of just a couple months] brought 2 of his friends. super exciting. then came up to us after and said "this is Mike, he wants help to stop smoking and wants to learn more and be baptized." of course we are totally down with that !

later in the day at chruch our Heather B came to church in the YSA even though she didnt want to and the very first speaker said everything she needed to hear. the Lord blesses us.

then to monday 12.28 ..
we had interviews with President Barrett and they were amazing. i love that man. i am so grateful for his wise counsel and instruction. [this is also why we missed emails yesterday !]

we had a snow ball fight in his backyard while waiting for interviews. that was invigorating !

then we went to big bend and had an amazing appt with Mike and Zak you can tell was an excellent missionary on his mission in the AZ. mike is gonna stop smoking and prepare for baptism ! Zak lives in the middle of the woods and so after the appt. his dad [whos is not LDS] asked if zak could get some .. meaning A LOT .. of firewood stacked back up .. i called out and volunteered s.pluim and i to do it .. at first bro. keir was hesitent b.c. of our skirts but let us do it with the of course the help of zak, mike and spencer riches who came ! it was so much fun !

then that night we went to the boschis to have a lesson with our sweet heather. she is struggling b.c. her mom is very against the LDS Church and it is hurting her a lot. but she loves the Church b.c. it makes her happy and makes sense. it was an amazing lesson and i love heather so much.

all in all a beautiful week of miracles and getting to hear your voices.

i love having a new year. a new start on goals and new seasons of weather and life.

i love this restored gospel. it makes life so happy.

i am so grateful for you my family that keeps me going.

sister warner

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