December 14, 2009

ENDURE TO THE END ! [12.14.09]

this transfers theme is always fitting .. ETTE !

its cold now .. wisconsinities shut themselves up in their warm homes .. traveling takes longer .. more coats and scarfs ..




1 Nephi 13:37
"And blessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my Zion at that day, for they shall have the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost; and if they endure unto the end they shall be lifted up at the last day, and shall be saved in the everlasting kingdom of the Lamb; and whoso shall publish peace, yea, tidings of great joy, how beautiful upon the mountains shall they be."

i love this season SO MUCH. i find myself loving and appreciating so much more. my thoughts are so much more focused on the Savior and his life .. it needs to be like that ALL THE TIME ! i find great joy in this gospel and knowing MY SAVIOR.

we are here to publish peace and tidings of great joy in all sorts of weather and conditions. we hold something so precious for all mankind to hear about ! we are joyfully enduring to the end .. not only of the winter BUT of our missions and our life !

this week was full of CRAZINESS ! because we are the MILWAUKEE SISTERS we get all the funness of transfers ! being right next to the mission home and office is a blessing and crazy all at the same time !

12.07 .. FUN FUN FUN YSA FHE .. we did a white elephant gift exchange and HEATHER & SARA came ! they love the YSA and the YSA love them. they are so good at fellowshipping and bringing others unto christ.

12.08 .. district meeting was SO good. we each taught on a christlike attribute and it helped me understand how being like Christ is the way for life. we taught GWEN VANG [rc] with the hmong elders. she is so funny. she tried to trick us and she got ME so good. she told us that france didnt approve her green card so she would have to go back to paris and i believed her .. i was so relieved when she said she was just joking !

we also we STREET CONTACTING @ MARQUETTE with the brand new missionaries ! when the new ones come in they take them street contacting somewhere in milwaukee but i didnt get to do it when i was a greenie b.c. our flight was later .. SO we got to go this time with President and the new sister johnson ! it was a lot of fun and good for us b.c. that is our area !

we had an AMAZING lesson with our SARA @ uwm. i just love her. she gets it all. her world has opened up and it is amazing. we are hoping for her baptism this weekend. she has such FAITH.

that night was a HUGE SNOW STORM ! it was so bad it took us almost an hour to get back home when it usually only takes 20 mins. a lot of snow fell so WI is now WHITE !

12.09 .. we had to go and get the new sister johnson .. her comp didnt fly out with her so we were gonna keep the other sisters trainer for a couple weeks until sister skinner came out .. the beginning of the transfer is crazy down here in MILWAUKEE !

we made gingerbread houses that night with LEESA and her med school friends .. it was a ton of fun and i feel like mine looked pretty good !

12.10 .. TRANSFER DAY ! it was also -10 that day ! oh man were we cold ! we took s.hamblin and s.behrends around to see people they use to teach .. it was good for us and fun ! 5 sisters together at once !

that night Muskego Lakes had their RS christmas dinner. we played fun games and got to be with the women ! it was good.

12.11 .. TRANSFER PLANNING .. oh shoot me. we had lots to plan for this transfer and we still do ! i love planning though .. goals are what keep us going !

we went and watched the K's play volleyball that night .. it was fun and we got to talk to their friends !

12.12 .. what a good day ! we went to the MILWAUKEE HMONG NEW YEAR ! we got to dress up with pang kou ! s. hogge was our trio for what was supposed to be a couple weeks but was only a couple days ! [the mtc called and let her comp fly out !] s.hogge and s.pluim never went to any hmong function so we had A LOT of fun !

that night we went to the airport with the barretts to pick up s.hogge's comp SISTER SKINNER ! it was fun ! then we all went to dinner and got to know each other !

then we went to the YSA CHRISTMAS PARTY ! we had 6 nonmembers there ! just friends of our sweet YSA. it was so good and so fun. HEATHER won the ugly sweater contest ! she was thrilled !

12.13 .. MY 16 MONTH MARK AS SISTER WARNER. never did i think i would hit that mark. WOW. its been so amazing to wake up every morning and put on a tag with the saviors name right by mine. i love it. i wouldnt trade this opprotunity for the world.

church was SO good. the YSA ward is tearing it up and i have a new found LOVE, HOPE and FAITH for the ML ward !

this week is ZONE CONFERENCE !

CHRISTMAS IS COMING SO FAST ! that means i get to talk to you family ! i am SO excited !

thank you all for your continued support. time is flying and will continue too !

sister warner

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