December 21, 2009

truly a WHITE christmas !

Luke 1:37
"For with God nothing shall be impossible."

Heavenly Father is a God of Miracles ! lots of craziness went down this week.

monday 12.14 .. SARA EMILY HASKELL gave us the green light for her to be baptized on DECEMBER 20, 2009 ! WE, sister pluim and i knew from confirmation from the Holy Ghost, that she would be baptized that day when we extended her the date a month prior but she was scared and nervous about what her mom would say. she knew what her Heavenly Father wanted her to do but she was still scared. she got to have a good heart to heart with her mom and she got work off to come down from 3 hours up north to make it to saras baptism ! it was beautiful. her FAITH is amazing ! [jose romo jr. your conversion letter came at the perfect time for sara haskell .. what you wrote was what she needed and i just happened to have it in my bag ! thank you.]

the craziness of getting everything set for saras baptism continued ! we had her baptismal interview on UWM campus and that was so cool itself. sara was testifying to students at our booth on 12.16 about a living prophet and inviting all to her baptism ! her interview went great and we started making the program for who she wanted involved !

the craziest part about all of it was her best friend danielle brading was going to be flying in the day before from BYUprovo and had no idea sara was going to be baptized. sara was going to tell her when she got off the plane. the brading family and saras mom and friends from uwm were all going to come to church and then the baptism would happen. all was set !

fast forward to saturday 12.19 @ 10:45p [we were already supposed to be asleep haha!] SARA CALLS .. danielle missed her connecting flight b.c. something happened with a medical emergency ! OH MAN. the main person who was wanted & needed at the baptism is stuck. i told sara i had faith in HF and His Son Jesus Christ and this is the best thing she could be doing and EVERYTHING would work out.

again, Heavenly Father is a God of Miracles. dani's flight would now be getting in at 4p on 12.20 .. saras baptism 6:30p on 12.20 ! [good thing everything was happening in milwaukee !] as i was sitting in sacrament with saras mom kinda stressing about the time and planes and if this was all going to work according to Gods will the speaker said to turn to LUKE 1 .. as we read what she told us to i read on and came to vs. 37 "For with God nothing shall be impossible." Heavenly Father answered me quietly and with surety.

EVERYONE arrived right on time and the tears of joy flowed from danis and saras eyes as sara entered the waters of baptism. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. i love those girls. they have been BEST FRIENDS since age 7. dani has always wanted sara to have what she treasured. the restored gospel and all the blessings. yesterday sara made that first step. i am so grateful Heavenly Father used sister pluim and i as His instruments to teach sara and prepare her for this beautiful convenant.

yesterday was beautiful. as i sat there watching dani and sara it remined me of jose romo jr and i. his baptism almost 2 years ago on the 12.23 is a day i will NEVER forget. i never understood how the life i lived affected someone so close to me until jose romo jr started meeting with the missionaries. people watch us and want to know what is different. i am so grateful i was able to be friends with you jose romo jr and be by your side as you made your steps toward receiving the fulness of the gospel of jesus christ.

the rest of the week was filled with Christmas cheer !

we had CHRISTMAS ZONE CONFERENCE. it was so uplifting and inspiring !

i love this time of year so much. we have so much to rejoice in.

i want to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and to truly focus on what this season and our lives are about .. JESUS CHRIST.

there are 2 videos that are on LDS.ORG that are amazing. president monson is an inspired man of the Lord. watch and feel of the Christmas spirit and what our true focus should be. it has helped me think ALOT about the true season we are in.

"The Christmas Spirit" and "What Shall We Give?"

i find great joy in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. not only do we have the bible as a record of our Savior but we have the Book of Mormon as well. it nails down that the Savior did live and and that He gave us the wonderful gift of the Atonement and Eternal Life. He still lives today ! He gave us SO many gifts. let us remember Him and what we will give for Christ.

MERRY CHRISTMAS. [family i will be talking to you in 4days !]

sister warner

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