December 07, 2009

IT IS ON ! [12.07.09]

IT IS ON .. like donkey kong [in the words of my lil' pluim !]

so we will start with the #1 news .. TRANSFER CALLS CAME ..




IT IS ON ! we are SO happy we didnt feel as if we were done together yet and neither does the Lord ! we have so much to do here .. PUMP IT LOUDER !

the next 6 weeks are gonna be good ! and also another bonus is my sister black and sister johnson are still in RACINE ! we are only .5 hour away .. what a blessing ! this christmas season is gonna be good !

so with that in mind all i am not done yet ! i still love letters and anything that comes in the mail ! im coming home soon but not so soon at the same time .. you'll probably see my face in person in the 3rd month of the year so keep the encouragment and love comin ! send it here ..

5651 broad st. #1
greendale, wi. 53129

and now on to the week of sister warner and sister pluim !

last monday pday was an exciting one ! we had a PUDDING EATING CONTEST .. sponsored by the pluim family ! they sent her 20 boxes of jello pudding ! it was fun ! sister heck took us out to eat and our waitress' name was ALMA ! i proceeded to teach her about the BOM [book of mormon] the almas that wrote their history .. it was cool ! she enjoyed it and her name ! did you know ALMA = SOUL .. i thought that was cool.

tuesday was the 1st of December .. where has time gone ? we got to meet KAREN GONZALES .. who just moved here from new hampshire .. she joined the church there but she is origianlly from SANTA CRUZ, BOLIVIA ! crazy. she was nice and we are helping her get life in wisconsin under control.

that 12.01 eve we had dinner at the mission home with the ever famous and lovely AMY BROWN from GB .. she came to milwaukee and wanted to take us out but we took her to the barretts for supper b.c. after that we went CAROLING ! oh how i love to carol .. it bring the spirit of Christ around you like a big warm coat ! we went to carol with the barretts to their neighbors and a couple other people that were our investigators. IT WAS A FUN AND BEAUTIFUL NIGHT WITH A FULL MOON !

UWM was hoppin this week ! a LDS student brought a friend to institute and he is coming back next week ! our BOOTH was rockin ! we had a lot of success in talking and reaching out to people. i found DYLAN [our athiest] and got to talk to him about the BOM. it was a good conversation and i am so grateful for the power of PERSONAL TESTIMONY. the truth of all things is shown through the power of the Holy Ghost and we need to do all we can to LISTEN. i am so grateful i listened.

CLIFF MILLER .. one of our awesome YSA made us a Japanese dinner that night .. it had tofu in it and i loved it !

12.03 = SISTER BARRETTS SUPRISE BIRTHDAY BASH @ the mission office ! we had a fun time suprising her and singing and dancing for her !

that night we stopped at a YSA womens house who is going through some tough times. it was a very inspired visit, we just stopped by. the spirit was strong and Heavenly Father told us exactly what she needed to hear. she thanked us as we prayed with her and we all felt Heavenly Fathers love around us.

SARA ! oh how i love that girl. she keeps me going. we saw her at UWM on friday. we talked with her a little about the POS but also shared with her how she is like ALMA who listened to ABINADI .. she is just ONE but b.c. of her faith and goal of baptism she will bring many into the gospel. PRAY FOR SARA ! she knows she is getting baptized, we know she is getting baptized, she is waiting to hear her moms point of view. SHE IS AMAZING ! i love her.

that night NATALYA [who got her mission call to the fortworth, texas mission] came out and was our companion ! we went and caroled to a bunch of people to invite them to the CHRISTMAS DEVOTIONAL ! it was fun. she is going to be an amazing missionary !

on saturday 12.05 WE GOT TO GO TO THE CHICAGO TEMPLE ! oh how i love the temple. we went for natalyas endowments and we also saw former E. HORROCKS and E.THOMAS there for a RC endowments from madison ! it was fun. peace and reassurance that you are on Heavenly Fathers path is found in the temple. it was a good day.

that night we got to party it up with the YSA ! cliff had a get together to bring in the winter and had a lot of friends and his family there that we could talk to ! it was really fun. i met ELLIE who was so cool ! her major is PHOTOGRAPHY. so not only did we bond over cameras but also with the gospel of jesus christ. the assistants came too ! they like to pary it up !

YESTERDAY WAS AMAZING ! i love the sabbath day. what i love even more is fast sunday. and added bonus was the CHRISTMAS DEVOTIONAL ! if you didnt get to see it yet .. WATCH IT ON LDS.ORG ! it brought the true meaning of christmas to everyones mind and started out the holiday season right !

cliffs family came to church and the broadcast ! they are amazing ! pat miller is the dad and HE LOOKS ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE UNCLE STEVE ! it was fun ! we got to teach them a lot about the restored gospel. i think yesterday opened a whole new road for cliffs family !

THIS WEEK IT IS ON ! its the start of a new transfer and MANY MIRACLES ! the Lord truly blesses us when we give all we can ! that is what we are going to do .. WORK EVEN HARDER ! this area needs a lot and we are willing to give ! we are not done !

I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU TONS. thank you for the support and continued love.

sister warner

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