January 04, 2010

the new year = a new start ! [01.04.10]


the end.

the WIS has my heart. it has for the last 16 months and will continue to FOREVER.

i feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to represent my Saviour day in and day out. EVERYDAY i get to put my tag on that tells everyone who looks at me that i am SISTER WARNER and that i am a representative of Jesus Christ. its a lot of responsibility but is it ever so wonderful.

with each day i learn and grow. each day Heavenly Father uses me as His instrument. each day there are miracles around us. each day i feel Heavenly Fathers hand in my life. each day i get to share the JOY, PEACE & NEW BEGINNINGS with those around me. all day .. everyday .. I LOVE IT !

and the other good news is that you dont have to be a full time missionarie to spread this joy and peace to everyone. we can and do each day as we live our lives the way Jesus Christ has showed us. that is the most important way to be a missionary and we each do that.

live life as is if the Saviour, Jesus Christ, himself stood by us each minute of each day.

this was a good week especially with the new year. the new year = a new start !

just like the gospel of Jesus Christ gives a new start to our lives each and everyday. we dont need to wait for the new year we can change and apply the gospel TODAY !

we had WONDERFUL lessons with our sweet heather b this week !

we taught her about prayer and the way the spirit talks to us. she also got a priesthood blessing from e.mcclung and e.hatch b.c. of all the family troubles she was going through. she loved it. she wrote that night in her journal about the experience and it was beautiful. heather express herself the best in writing and poems and it is wonderful. she is so full of the spirit. she is really reading the bom and gets it and that is a blessing. she will get baptized. keep her in your prayers !

also i got to see my MISSY BLOOM ! she was home in the WIS for the holidays and i got to see her when she came to milwaukee. i love missy. she is so full of the spirit and understands the gospel and what it all means. its so cool to see and hear her growth !


we got to party it up at sister hecks house for a bit and then went home to the KOZLOSKYS who were partying it up a ton ! b.c. it was really loud and that is where we live we stayed up and rang in the new year with them and then promptly went to bed at 12:15a !

new years day was fun b.c. when we were up getting breakfast papa k [brother kozlosky] just happened to have the ROSE PARADE on while i was in the kitchen ! it was so cool to get a glimpse at pasadena ! it looked warm there ..

as i was freezing here in the WIS we went down to the LAKEFRONT to go watch the annual POLAR BEAR PLUNGE. wisconsinities are CRAZY ! it was freezing that day .. i think it was 7degrees but that is excluding the windchill ! they ran into the lake and then jumped out. a bunch of our YSA did it. SO CRAZY.

we stopped by the KLINGLERS and sweet julieanne was home ! love that girl. i met her through my mama hood in the GB but she is from the Muskego. we had custard together the next night and talked about her life and the gospel. she is grand.

we had a good good week !

the best was SUNDAY 01.03

there are a lot of reasons ..

1. sister pluim and i get to be together the ENTIRE TIME. no more finding companions in other wards and missing each other. we get to be together the WHOLE church time. this is b.c. muskego moved to 8:30a and YSA is at 2:30p .. we have meetings in between and its kinda crazy that we are at chruch from 8a - 6p but its the work of the Lord and it is sweet.

2. we got to bear our testimonies .. all 6 missionaries in the Muskego Lakes Ward. and sister pluim and i had matching sweaters on. [we forgot to take a picture but it will happen] that is what i call companionship unity !

3. SARA EMILY HASKELL was confirmed a member of the LDS church. her blessing was beautiful and we were sitting behind her after she came down from her confirmation and her friend she brought [best missionary ever] asked her how she felt and we saw her mouth so simply, "im happy!" we loved it. we love her.

MY FAMILY THIS GOSPEL IS TRUE ! it gives us the fulness of the gospel. its gives us the greatest joy, peace and HOPE ! it is here for us to use. lets use it !

sister warner

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