January 20, 2010

the Lord thy God is with thee .. [01.20.10]

Joshua 1:9
"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest."

not only do I find strength in this scripture but it is the YW/YM theme for the year.

it helps me to know that i really am not alone.


i need that right now especially as time is running short and new changes happen ..


and i am going to ..

MADISON ! it is the Capitol of WISCONSIN. it is the most liberal city is the entire state and it is a BIG DEAL ! the university that is !

UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON is where it goes down. and i have the privilege of working on campus. what President Barrett told me today was that he was sad i was leaving the MILWAUKEE but that MADISON needs me to jump start campus !


i have been blessed to work with YSA my whole mission and its taught me A LOT ! i am excited for the opportunity, trust and faith my Heavenly Father has in me. i will be STRONG and of GOOD COURAGE ! i KNOW He is with me.

the sad part is that i have to leave my sweet girl sister pluim. sister hogge is coming down from the GB to be her companion and she is super lucky to get her ! they will so great here and keep the work alive !

i am going to be with a NEW SISTER JOHNSON ! she came out just one transfer ago. we got to spend a day with her then and she is wonderful. i am super excited. she is very tall as well but what is new when you stand next to me !

so with all this crazy news and the busy week we have had thus far here we are now and i will continue to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength for the next 6weeks and with that .. I STILL LOVE MAIL !

here it is ..

5651 Broad St. #1
Greendale, WI 53129

THANK YOU ! I LOVE YOU and of course MAIL YET !

the crazyness of the week has involved many adventures from last week till now ..

[one cool thing is sister black is with us today b.c. she is getting transfered up to RHINELANDER and her BROTHER went into the MTC today .. he is going to the baltimore maryland mission ! GO ROCKY !]

we went to the MILWAUKEE PUBLIC MUSEUM on monday and saw BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES ! it was fun. you go into this glass room with plants and butterflies are EVERYWHERE and they just land on you ! SO FUN !

i am saying goodbye to TONS of people and getting life organized here .. I GOTS TO PACK YET ! aahhh !

so i will fill you in on more exciting adventures in the life of sister warner this coming monday from madison !

sister warner

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