January 11, 2010

faith is FORWARD .. [01.11.10]

i read the January 2010 Ensign this week and there are POWERHOUSE talks in there. modern day revelation from our Heavenly Father is such a blessing. i felt renewed and strengthened by the words of leaders chosen by God. i was excited that i could share the energy of the gospel with those i met and those we are teaching.

Elder Hollands talk was about FAITH IS FORWARD .. i got to keep pressing forward .. we all have to ! hope is believing there is good in the future, hope and faith work together and hope anchors our faith. hope and faith makes miracles happen and makes our lives peaceful and full of joy !

Ether 12:4
"Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God."

we were able to see our faith and hope and others tested this week as we set out to be instruments in the Lords hand ..

01.04 monday ..
we had YSA FHE and we watched the willie and martin handcart company trek across west and HEATHER B came and it helped her to see how much people sacrificed for this gospel. it opened her heart to knowing that she isnt the only one who has had it hard for the cause of truth.

01.05 tuesday ..
we got to see nikki k who is not very active and just got married less then a year ago to someone not of the LDS faith. we had been trying to call her and no returns. we just stopped by and she was home and we were able to talk with her and she knew before we even said and her husband had realized the change in her countenance since she hadnt been coming to church. she had been less patient and life seemed harder. she told us her husband told her she needed to go back to church !

sister pluim also experienced her FIRST BRAT ! the sweet barretts made us dinner ! just them 2 and us 2 and we had hamburgers and brats ! president served his mission in germany so he loves sauerkraut and i had never had it so i tried it ! it was interesting !

01.06 wednesday ..
2 beautiful experiences this day ..

1st .. we set out to find MYLES TAYLOR .. i met his RM sister over the christmas break in the YSA ward and she told us to find her brother and WE DID. he hasnt been active since his teen years and you could see in his eyes that he wanted more but couldnt do it on his own. sometimes we think we have to do it on our own or that we are the only one but that is not true ! our Heavenly Father and our Saviour Jesus Christ is there for us and want us to rely on Them. we told his of this sweet blessing and we said a prayer with him. we are hoping he takes the right choice and acts forward in faith.

2nd .. HEATHER B .. we had a lesson with her at the boschis house that eve and boy was it jammed packed of the spirit. sister pluim and i studied and prepared for her and we were going to invite her to baptism for 01.30.10 and sister pluim was going to do it [she has never yet and she was super nervous but the spirit was with her !] the lesson was beautiful. we talked about alma 32 and her being the seed and sprouting and she ACCEPTED BAPTISM and is super excited and HAPPY. but nervous b.c. she has a lot of grand canyons to go over with her family. she is Lutheran and the most conservative senate and its not easy when you convert. but heather is strong and has a lot of faith. [she has a good name and faith as you H !]

01.07 thursday ..
14 YEARS OF BEING A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS ! how grateful i am to you elder pittard and elder bills for knocking on our door and teaching us the greater light and knowledge that has blessed my family and i over the last 14 years. THANK YOU.

01.08 friday ..
we had dinner with the LITTLE FAMILY. oh what fun they were. i loved being in there house and sharing stories of finding the gospel. they are from snowflake, az and have been here for about 2years now ! they are wonderful and so full of energy ! we started making family mission plans with the members in the muskego lakes ward and they are super excited about it ! it gets them pumped about missionary work and shows how natural and everyday it is !

01.09 saturday ..
lots of fun. lots of food. started the morning at the Fannons and had breakfast and we made it for them ! it was a good mtg and lots of fun trying to stay warm but that is a constant task for me anyways.

we had an amazing lesson with heather and angela [she is a YSA preparing for a mission!] at the chapel about the Holy Spirit. it was strong and heather gets it and wants it. she is wonderful. [i also figured out that we play SPIRITUAL CLUE everyday ! we have SOMEONE to teach, then we must find WHAT to teach them, WHERE to teach them, and with WHO to teach them with ! ITS CLUE ! ex. investigator heather b / what : the holy ghost / where : the chapel / who : angela palick .. the best is HEAVENLY FATHER WINS EVERY TIME .. we just need to listen to his hints ! I GOT IT ! haha oh sister pluim loved it and thought i was crazy at the same time !]

that night was GRETCHENS baptism. she is a YSA the elders were teaching. she is our wml girlfriend from MU dental school. it was a full house of people and the spirit.

then sister pluim and i went out with our sweet sara, katie wenzel, and a couple other YSA to TEXAS ROADHOUSE for sister pluims first time ! it was very yummy and very fun !

01.10 sunday ..
WORLD RECORD AT CHURCH ! 8am - 9pm ! we loved every moment of it ! we had the YSA potluck and the CES Broadcast by Elder Neil L. Andersen ! it was amazing ! i needed it and everyone that was there did. it was especially for heather b too !

its gonna be a good good week ! we find out this saturday TRANSFERS ! i am kinda on edge b.c. i have 1 transfer yet and it could go either way of me staying or going !




sister warner

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  1. Hope is powerful. Ether 12:4 illustrates it so well. Jan 10th I got to speak on Elder Holland's talk and discussed what hope really is, and used that verse myself. It's cool to see the same message was being learned by you (and others I imagine) in the same week. The Spirit rocks!