March 11, 2012

oh california, how your sun shines on me

last month i had the wonderful opportunity to go to california to see my marmie, spend a day at disneyland, be there for cats special day, take some engagement photos, eat some legit sushi & visit with my in laws.

it was a wonderful weekend.
mr. barlow you were missed.
and thank you Jet Blue for making it all possible.
[who would pass up a $100 roundtrip ticket?!]

disneyland is a place of magic!
even under construction.
thank you imagineers for finally redoing the matterhorn! 

my pass is officially expired.
i am mourning my loss.
i pray we will be reunited soon.

on saturday, the 11th of february cat entered the Los Angeles Temple to receive her endowment.
the Spirit was strong and her smile so bright.
the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is true and full of happiness.

i spent time with my marmie, i just love her.
she is not pictured but she sure is a beautiful lady!

i forced cat and peyton to be models.
they are pros! hello engagement time!

we went to the Los Angeles Arboretum which is pretty much her backyard.
also these pretty guys own the place!
and yes, they do not mind getting close to you.

peyton & catherine
to be sealed for time and all eternity ..
may 19, 2012

thank you for a wonderful weekend.
thank you for some sunshine.
and a special thank you to ichima sushi.
you are divine.
see you soon LA!

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