March 05, 2012

the 2 year mark!

oh how i will never get over wisconsin!
look at that greatness.

also i was looking through old mission stuff and i found this video of me and b.johnson while i was packing to go home.
oh how i miss those days!
[dont get me wrong though, i love LOVE love mr. barlow.]

but it was 2 years ago today that sweet reunion 2010 happened!
now that was one of the best days in my book.
see?! so much love.

these photos always puts a HUGE smile on my face.
you warner/soon to be wann/hatchs are the greatest.

these have been a fun two years of being home with my family.
lots of things have happened in the past 2 years!

heather and braden were sealed in the San Diego Temple.
i got engaged to mr. barlow.
i went back to platinum blonde. [cat even said this was the best part of 2011!] 
laura got engaged to her alex.
cat and peyton became engaged.
mr. barlow took me to the Los Angeles Temple and we were sealed.
[looks like lots of lovin happened!]
marmie moved into a new house in the monrovia.
mr. barlow and i moved up to the 801.

now we live happily ever after and i tell him WMM stories everyday.

 oh and i am still obsessed with gold & purple.
long live los angeles!

and wisconsin you will ALWAYS be in my mind & heart.


  1. love this but you missing one other important even... YOUR HANDSOME MOST ADORABLE LOVEABLE CUTEST NEPHEW WAS BORN :)

  2. i can NOT believe i forgot that! seriously. i knew something else important happened.